Weight & Work: There is No Magic Pill for Either

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The Change

still carrying baby weight

I can see Menopause staring me down and no one ever wants to talk about it.  Oh, a few talk show hosts have made feeble attempts at breaking down the walls and getting women and their families to discuss it.  But I find it completely fascinating that is still treated like a dirty little secret or something shameful.  The changes in my weight and appetite make it difficult for me to ignore, and my acerbic tone sometimes gets the better of me.  But interestingly enough, I am more at peace with who I am and have a confidence I never had before.

Comes With Age.

Weight is always a battle.  When I was pregnant with my first child I was 23 years old. I ate whatever I wanted and loved it. I had not a care in the world. I assumed that the pounds would melt off me because I was young and well…, once you give birth, all that weight just goes away, right? By the time I gave birth, I weighed 178 pounds. I have a small frame and my normal weight – back in those days was a freakish 125 pounds.

Soon after I gave birth, I went for a walk. I just was so exhilarated and energized, I needed to stroll the hospital floor. In one of the waiting rooms, I saw a scale and made the horrible mistake of stepping hopefully onto that scale, I just knew I was going to be close to my goal weight, given that I had just burned at least 2,500 calories during labor and, of course, had a baby! To my utter shock and complete dismay, I had only lost twelve pounds. I almost fell on the floor in a heap, the tears flowed, and I felt like a pig when I realized I had about forty-five pounds to lose.

I don’t even get on a scale theses days.

We all want a magic pill, one that can reduce weight or take away crankiness.  Or a magic protein shake to beef up the possibilities that we face every day.  A magical injection that would turn our words into the right motivation for family, friends or employees who fear change or deny problems.

Unfortunately, work takes work. There is no magic pill. The exertion you expel will harvest rewards:  rewards that might not even be immediately seen or extolled. And only you decide whether it is a bitter pill or not. Motivation cannot be purchased in a bottle. Drive cannot be swallowed. Impetus doesn’t come in extra-strength.  But each of these can be contagious.

The truth is that “the magic” lies within you, within each of us.  It is held in the actual labor and effort you put forth.  Whether it is the battle of weight or for the corner office.  Neither happens without effort.

There you have it.


Bonus Track!

Rayanne Thorn, @ray_anne is the Marketing Director for online recruiting software company, Broadbean Technology.  She is also a proud mother of four, happily engaged to Tom, residing in Laguna Beach, California, and a daily contributor for Blogging4Jobs.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.  




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  1. I have been struggling with my weight even when I was in the Military which caused me at one point to suffer from Anorexia ( I think in Men it is called something else).

    I have been vegetarian for the past 7 years and last 6 months I have become Vegan (until a few days ago a food truck in Austin put Goat cheese in my empanada).

    I have tried to create a lifestyle that supports my health goals. So many people look for a quick fix like a pill or a diet (which is more like a project because it starts and it ends).

    Changing your lifestyle little by little is the only way that you can sustain a change to improve your health long term. Then you will come to the conclusion that it does take work just as you established on your blog.

    • Hi Raul–

      Thanks for the comment here… It was great to meet you in Austin at SXSW.
      I was a vegan for a year and a modified vegetarian for years… So appreciate the lifestyle and what it taught me… I, too, have created a healthy lifestyle that best suits me – balance is everything, right?

      I have learned to use my intake to support better health instead of a steady stream of vitamins and prescriptions. When I was diagnosed with several digestive ailments, a doctor gave me three different medications plus fiber pills. Given that my issues were clearly digestion-related, I chose instead to change my diet – going completely vegan. Within a week, my symptoms had all but disappeared. After a year, I slowly started added various foods to my diet until I figured out the right balance to maintain my intestinal health. I don’t take vitamins either – I try to always eat well.

      Work is right… But all good comes with a cost – and work is happy fee to pay…

      Thanks again!

      Ray_anne |
  2. Love the way you and Jessica write about real things in a real way. Things that other are afraid to touch on… Leaders lead…go ladies

    • Thanks, Chris!
      We really appreciate you reading!
      To be completely forthright, you must ignore fear.

      It isn’t easy, to be sure…


      Ray_anne |

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