The Truth of Reality

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Reality concept.

“It’s the little things that count.”

Is this something that only people who give little things or think little thoughts say?  Because I kind of want big things and I really appreciate enormous thoughts.

“Money can’t buy happiness.”  

Is this something that only people with money say?  Because I think being debt-free and able to afford a few more comforts in life would do a lot to boost happiness in many neighborhoods.

Like many people, I am motivated by great quotes.  I like to think and I like quotes that make me think.  But I don’t like quotes or words that degrade, de-motivate,  detract or deceive.

“Many wise words are spoken in jest, but they don’t compare with the number
of stupid words spoken in earnest.” — Sam Levenson

I tend to agree with Sam.  My mom used to say – quoting Thumper’s mom, “If you can’t say nothin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”  Sometimes, I like to sub the word “smart” for “nice,” for if you can’t intelligently add to the conversation, please – for God’s sake, just sit back and listen.  Maybe your intellect will grow and you’ll be able to join in future conversations – just not this one.

 Thought a Fool…

A former colleague used to interject completely off-topic thoughts to almost every team conversation.  He was soon thought of as unintelligent, while I am sure his intent was to appear otherwise.   Becoming a fool in many things while a master of none seems to be a way of life for many these days.  Too many have become used to jumping from job to job after a difference of opinion or the assigning of an undesirable task.

The mess of resumes that cross the desks of recruiters or resume writers from individuals seeking employment still shocks me.  Their level of disarray and inconsistencies should no longer surprise me, I should really be used to it by now.  I’ve had a forklift driver apply for a Media Buyer position, as well as a walnut farmer apply for a client services job.  Really? It also makes me believe that we still have a way to go before the “real” recession is no longer before us.  Desperation is very telling.

 Reality = Truth

You are not perfect for every job.  And you don’t deserve a trophy after every tournament.

Prove intelligence and skillset through your thoughts and actions.  It sounds simple, I know.  And yet, many fail to truly understand this simple suggestion.  This doesn’t mean you can’t change fields or industries.  I’ve done it, three times now.  But it does mean you can’t do everything.  And really, if you operated a forklift for fourteen years, do you really believe you can assist a major corporation with their media buys?  Sometimes, you just gotta get a grip.   Get a dose of reality – step away from your television, magazine, smart phone.

Look someone in the eye.  Look yourself in the eye.  The truth is there. 


by Rayanne Thorn





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