The Motivation of Impetus

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the motivation of impetus

My mom had gall bladder trouble a couple years ago that required three back-to-back-to-back surgeries; it was a very scary time for our family.  After her final surgery, she turned to me from her hospital bed and drowsily said, “Thank goodness for college educations. Thank goodness all these people went to school.” I nodded in agreement. It had been a rough two months – and we were all very grateful for the surprisingly good outcome.

Level of Care Can Mean Everything

I had looked around the room and calculated about 60 years of post graduate schooling working all around us. An incredible accomplishment for each individual, on a singular level, and even more impressive when you think about the combined efforts of each RN, BSN, Nurse Practitioner, Anesthesiologist, and Physician / Surgeon who were part of that one surgery and post-op care.  I was indeed thankful, given the level of care my mother received throughout her medical ordeal. For someone whose last surgical procedure was in 1946 for an appendectomy, submitting to the testing, prodding, and necessary procedures was difficult.

My first Job in Recruiting was in Healthcare

I always felt a certain pride back when I recruited for healthcare professionals. While it is one of the most difficult areas of recruitment there is, it was also very rewarding.  The firm where I worked provided direct recruitment on retainer to hospitals and health care organizations. The healthcare system where my mother had her surgeries performed was one of the finest and having had experience with the Human Resource departments, knowing the hospital’s reputation eased much anxiety. My sister, who lives near my mom, works in healthcare as well, and “knowing our stuff” was an obvious blessing.  We really could not say enough or be grateful enough.

Education is more than school

While some professions, such as medicine, require extensive schooling, others require an entrepreneurial mind and the extreme desire and work ethic to succeed. Three of the most intelligent men I have met in my life never went to college. One didn’t even graduate from high school. So, smarts are not always predicated by extended education. It is nearly impossible today to succeed or get the shot you deserve without a college education listed on your resume?  It most assuredly depends upon your interests and desired career as to whether or not college is required.

The Motivation of Impetus

One of the things I always wanted for each of my children was that they graduate college before they married or started a family. I was a divorced mother of four when I finally achieved my business degree and it was extremely difficult – one of the hardest things I have ever done.
I cannot imagine managing a family, a full-time job, and attending college concurrently.
I did it myself, but I didn’t want that for them.  Even having survived it, I am consistently amazed by the will power and stamina required to complete an extended education.  While it doesn’t prove intelligence, it does prove wherewithal.   And sometimes, self-motivation is what gets you through.


Impetusa body in motion tends to stay in motion.  I try to always remember, “When going through hell, keep going.”  -Winston Churchill


Just keep going.



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