Success is a 6-Edged Sword

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Arming Yourself for Success

Every morning, I sit in front of my computer and pull up every page/tab/site that I need to review, whether it is Google Analytics or a fan page, the CMS or CRM,  Wordpress or Twitter, and I check alerts or updates, emails or messages, tweets or IMs.  I cruise through my Outlook, prioritizing responses and gauging my day.  I check LinkedIn, approve “Join Group” requests, answer InMails and Invitations to connect, and browse through the top news.  Then I hop over to Tweetdeck and see what’s cooking there.  Facebook runs consistently and quietly in the background, as I connect, re-connect, source, search, evaluate, write, submit, crop, code, advise, ask, proofread, list, revise, give feedback, receive feedback, call, Skype, chat, and text –all that before 10AM.

No One Can Multi-Task, not even me

Our lives force us to multi-task and you know what?  We suck at multi-tasking.  Every single day, it seems like there is more to do, more to achieve, more to delete, more to save, more to move, more to hibernate… Multi-tasking divides focus, eliminates necessary time, drives failure, and cheats everything.  I used to say I was the queen of multi-tasking, I used to say that.   While I can keep many plates spinning, I am not forcing the spin on more than one at a time.  The batter’s circle is always loaded in my brain, but I know there can only be one player in the batter’s box at any given time.

Failure Can Be a Tough Lesson

The lessons of life are continual and it is never easy to admit when you have been unsuccessful or when a miscalculation led to a loss.  Failure can be a tough lesson, but it is a lesson.  And one we must all experience and grow from.  I suppose there are those who were born under a lucky star, who have never experienced hunger, metaphorical or physical. Whose desires have all been fulfilled.  Whose grade point average hovered at 4.0 or higher.  Whose jobs were always secure. Whose parents stayed together.  Whose house never flooded or blew away in a tornando or hurricane.  Whose life never tottered.  But that wasn’t and isn’t me.

I simply understand…

I am familiar with the balance. I understand the imbalance.  I get the need for security.  I understand the drive to do more.  I have cradled inside of me the impetus to achieve maximum capacity.  And right next to that impetus, perched on the very edge is potential –potential to fall or fail, as well as a simple and glorious potential for success.

The Sharp Edges

You see, the spinning plates are a perfect representation of that edge.  Taking a swing requires taking a chance.  There is the chance that you will completely whiff it – you may miss the ball, but it is an absolute truth that you will never hit it if you don’t take that swing.  A calculated risk?  Is there such a thing? Do you ever truly know and fully comprehend that risk?  Can you ever really predict the prospective loss?  Chance, fortuitousness, opportunity.  Calculations often fail.  It’s like predicting the weather.  If I’d waited for the sun to shine before I decided to play ball, I’d still be on deck.


1. Risk

2.  Motivation

3.  Center

4.  Balance

5.  Focus

6.  Act, as in DO!



 …The six edges of success  

Be  succinct and act with purpose.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.


by Rayanne Thorn



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