You’re Either Solving a Problem or Part of a Problem

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I love business.

The fact that I do love business was a shocking revelation to me many, many years ago.  I had always worked in the dental field, in a service-oriented role and for the majority of my dental career (fifteen years of it) was spent helping little children conquer their fears and become good dental patients.  I worked closely with patients and their parents to overcome anxiety and learn proper home care and cavity prevention.  And while I liked my job and I was very good at it, I was not inspired or encouraged in any way to do more or become better at it.  I was already good enough with little motivation to do more than what I was already doing.

Enter business.

Way back when, I had tried to get a computer in our dental office – no luck.  In 1995, I worked hard to convince the father of my kids that we needed a computer in order for them to keep up with the other kids and excel at school but getting the internet was a much harder sell.  I finally ordered the service and hook-up on my own – my kids needed it for school and also, I had returned to school myslef to get a degree in education – I changed my major to business after only a couple semesters.  I started working for a healthcare-specific search firm and I LOVED it.  It wasn’t just a job, like my dental career of twenty years had been, it became an obsession.  I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about recruiting and the search industry, this had been my intro to business in the corporate world.  I carried a yellow pad for years, to capture notes and things to remember.

The  Immersion

Today, my yellow pad is an app on my iPhone or iPad and nothing pains me more than when I lose information on my phone.  Luckily, most of my details and notes are backed up and I update my mobile devices often.  Jumping into business for me was like a fish finally being thrown back into the water.  I was finally at home and I swam about my pond over and over again in an attempt to memorize every detail.

Forgetting the Basics

So many of us get caught up in the mundane specifics of our day that we forget the basics that have always been.  Talk to people.  Listen to people.  Then talk to people some more.  The only way we can succeed in business is to consistently remove the roadblocks and/or solve problems, either within our own company or for our clients or customers.  Why else would we have been hired?  We certainly weren’t hired to create more problems.

What are You Contributing?

What problems can you solve or minimize today?  Is your company problem-free?  Congrats, if so – although, I don’t believe you.   Even the greatest organizations in the world and smartest minds in business have difficulties or issues that need to be resolved.  I am certainly not above that.  I will continue to plug along solve the puzzles before me, they are plentiful and, even appreciated.  After all, pobody’s nerfect.  Pobody.




by Rayanne Thorn


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  1. I remember a 70’s admonition (or maybe it was 60’s) that said, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” In any case, it’s a good theme for a blog post.

    Richard Posey |

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