Self-Brew Time For an Active, Healthy Life

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self-brew for a healthy, active life

Brew Time

I try to spend a little alone time every day – whether it is 30-minute dog walk in the morning or my quiet 20-minute drive to work.  I find it absolutely necessary to my sanity to have that down time – some quiet time where thoughts actually have some time to brew.

An Active, Healthy Mind

One thing I have learned (the hard way) over the years, is that there is very little room for self-pity in an active and busy mind.  A job can certainly keep you occupied, but that doesn’t ensure a happy heart or simple satisfaction.   A career, being different than a job, can not only keep you occupied but can also provide fulfillment – especially when the chosen career appears to be more of a calling.  When we feel a sense of responsibility to our supervisor or co-workers or those whom we serve (clients or customers) then there is a tendency to really apply oneself and follow-up and follow-through.

An Active, Healthy Work Life

I am often chastised, by those who love me, that I work too hard – that I should relax a bit more – that I take my work too seriously.  There are days when I start answering emails at 5am and don’t quit until 10pm.  And there there are other days where it seems like I write for ten hours straight. It does not make for an easy day.  But I am often reminded that if it were easy – everyone would be doing it.  I am no-nonsense and serious about my job – it means a great deal to me.  The chastisements I receive are often dismissed, as my work ethic is non-negotiable.  I have a deep sense of accountability for my work that I am sure I inherited from my 76-year old mother – who still works every day.

My mom is a crossing guard for a local elementary school and she never misses a day.  Her sense of responsibility, her drive to not only fulfill her duties but to do them well, and her need to stay active keep her busy, healthy, and happy.

She has been almost hit by stupid drivers, she has been cussed out, she has flipped off multiple times, and she cannot respond with anything, not even a wave – for there are rules that she must follow, even while those she serves and protects do not.  I am positive that she adds a smile just to irk the transgressors even further.  Yet she still gets out there and performs her duties, despite sickness and the ignorance & utter stupidity of others.

I can only hope to be like her

If only we couldn’t all be as committed to our work and those to whom we serve.  Her example serves me well.  What are your duties?  Do you get them done in a timely manner?  Do you do them with a smile or a drive-by flip off?  Do you do them well?   Are you where you want to be, doing what you want to do?

Do a little committed self-brew, the answers may surprise you.



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