Moments of Professional Enlightenment

Professional Enlightenment
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Have you ever been conversing with someone when the light goes on – flashing bright? Either you have figured something or someone out. Open dialogue with masters in your field or areas of interest can pulse a resurgence of professional energy, allowing for a re-birth of sorts, a new understanding, a new beginning.

I love these types of conversations, the ones where I realize my professional education is far from complete.


I hate it when change happens, and I hate it when it doesn’t. We need change to jumpstart our commitment, to recharge our impetus, to recognize opportunity. It was several years ago when a former boss popped his head in my office late on a Thursday afternoon and said, “Hey – tomorrow we are switching from Palm calendar to Outlook, so be ready to go.” I was not happy -as a matter of fact I was furious, I had just purchased a Palm Pilot and loved the connectivity. I didn’t want to start all over again, I was comfortable.
But change I did. Change is difficult, change is dumb, change is evil – but change is necessary. Change or die – no truer statement. If you aren’t moving forward, you might as well be moving backward because your competition is passing you by.


2014 presented me with the greatest challenges of my professional life. Part of it was loss, part of it was professional heartache, and part of it was a profound mistake on my part. We can’t always know or recognize the truth or the falsities before us – we can only research and research more, then follow one’s gut.
But be careful, sometimes even your gut can be fooled when your heart and mind are an open book.

The greatest professional challenges cultivate the greatest professional growth.

Personal Upheaval

Even when we strive to keep our personal and professional lives balanced and separate, they are often thrown together. We are human. We are not automatons – yet.  Personal change or heartache can lead to a renewed dedication to hard work, if only to be constructive and productive in some other aspect of our lives. It is a two-way street, though — I can confirm from personal experience that professional upheaval certainly impacts your private or family life.
Most of us are not heartless, most of us crave love inside and outside of our work.

Feeling valued can lead to the greatest successes, on and off the field.


Even with a considerable amount of personal and professional development, some parts of us remain – our True North. I could not in good conscious be ruthless – at home or at work. And yet, I have been time and again subjected to and the victim of ruthless behavior – at home and at work.  I once told my work team that I lead with love – meaning I wanted them to know that I loved them and our vision first and managed and directed them second.  Yes, I have a mom complex. I’m ok with that.

We all need to feel needed and appreciated for what we contribute. Never forget the impact you can have on the lives and work of others.

Famed Management Leader Peter Drucker said, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

He was so very right.


by Rayanne Thorn

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