Goodbye Between Hellos

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Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

My grumpy but sweet and loyal Schnoodle, Baxter Wallace (yes, he had a middle name) left this life yesterday.  He had been diagnosed with bone cancer and rather than watch him suffer much longer, I felt it best to let him go before pain fully enveloped his daily living.

I think the reason why it hurt so much is that Baxter was my constant companion during some of the worst times in my life.  Dogs just know when you need them, Baxter did anyway.  He knew to just sit patiently at my feet when my heart or body were aching.   The unconditional nature of a dog’s love we – as humans – can only hope to replicate, for love between humans is far more complicated and ever so much more conflicted with conditions and often unexpected but necessary protective natures kicking in when the joy in one’s heart is threatened.

Baxter will join Shasta – my much-loved German Shepherd and Bootsie – my childhood pooch, wherever it is that doggies go when they leave this life.  Thanks to all who offered sympathies and their own stories – Baxter will be joining many loved pets.

Saying Goodbye

Our life is lined with hellos and goodbyes, as we enter and leave relationships, as parents and loved ones pass on, household moves or jobs that come and go.  But one thing is certain, this sometimes sad journey is filled with lessons of where we failed or mistakes were made, of the richness we have enjoyed, or the hardships and trials where we have grown or changed.

Pain and sadness are great motivators for change.  We must learn to see the path – the journey – as a continuing education and  benefit from the wisdom gained, not lash out – though anger, hurt, and despair really want us to.

Saying Hello

I enter the next phase of my life with renewed hope for what is yet to come, with eyes wide open, scanning the shore for the good, avoiding the bad, and not seeing the ugly that surely lurks.  The “news and media of the day” will try hard but fail to break the spirit I choose to keep.

I start a new job soon.  Leaving Broadbean in January and Evenbase next week, while painful, have opened new doors and shifted winds; and like Mary Poppins, I’ve packed my bag of tricks and will move on to where I am needed.  I have joined the team at Technomedia – a software suite of HR Solutions – Talent Management Platform.  And I am ready for this next adventure…

Oh, the places you’ll go!  

**read by John Lithgow – you’ll love it!


by Rayanne Thorn




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  1. I’m so sorry about your companion. I loved this post. Wise words that hit home for me.

  2. Thanks so much Karen…
    I appreciate your kind comment – it has been a rough week, but I try to look for silver linings and lessons always!


  3. Rayanne,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Those are such painful decisions to make. Our thoughts are with you.


    Lori Schmittle |

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