Disrupt Work? Hell, I want Armageddon

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How often do we get an opportunity to really disrupt you or your work?  You should be disrupting every day. And by disrupting, I mean shaking it up, bettering it – continually learning to do it right.  Sometimes, that means being disruptive, causing “Armageddon” because processes don’t like being disrupted and changed.  Wait… strike that – PEOPLE don’t like being disrupted or required to change.  We are creatures of habit – we like the clothes we like, we like the foods we like, we like the movies we like…, and we are used to it being that way. And we don;t want anyone to change that or us.

Sadly, this may be comforting but it is also static, stagnating, and waiting to wither.  You need to nourish your work by digging up around it, adding sustenance, and continually shine a light on what you do by learning, growing, and changing.  Change can be good.  Necessary but uncomfortable.

Some will say, I am what I am and this is how I will always be or this is how it has always been done.  Those individuals must be crazy to think I might believe that how they conduct their work or their lives hasn’t altered or changed in the last five – ten years.  Hmmm…, unless they are still using fax machines and their phones still have a handset with a curly cord attached to a phone base, but  I’m not buying it.  Ok, so maybe at your workplace you still have a phone you can slam when you hang up.  Remember how satisfying it felt to hang up to show your utter indignation?  It’s just not the same same feeling when you gently push an end button or click your headset off, right?

I want disruption —

I do, and not because I am a troublemaker, but because I have seen the positive results of it. Change is necessary and disruption provides impetus for that change. Maybe the only disruption you need is to stop drinking so much coffee or make the decision to be kinder to those with whom you work.  It is possible for one person to have a positive effect on the entire organization.

I remember a story from when I was a young girl…
A woman hated her job.  Anyone who worked with her knew of her disdain because she wore this hatred on her face. She seemed to perpetually wear a frown. Her work duties were such that she often needed to walk the halls of her organization to get done what she needed to get done – so not only those who worked by her desk knew of her hatred, but nearly the entire company saw her frown on a regular basis.  One day, the light of the sun was at just the right angle so that every hallway with a window was flooded with a near-blinding light. As she squinted throughout her morning, those who passed her smiled and said hello or good morning.   She couldn’t understand why everyone was being so nice to her all of a sudden.
Her squint had been mistaken for a smile.  Her co-workers thought that she’d had an attitude adjustment and they were simply responding.

Simple, but profound.

A change in effort and attitude can be just as disruptive as a change in ideas or technology.  I think of disruption is a wonderful thing.  Notice that I said wonderful and not easy, for it is NOT easy.  My mom says, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. And they aren’t.”

The reason we talk about blue oceans, purple cows, mavericks, and moving cheese is because disruption causes change, change causes improvement, and improvement can cause a better everything. Don’t let your attitude or seemingly monotonous work keep you from creating your own personal Armageddon.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

You want disruption? Start with yourself.


by Rayanne Thorn


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