Career Maintenance in 7 Steps

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2005 Honda Accord

My Honda is eight years old and, sadly, has been in a couple wrecks.  I religiously change the oil every 3,500 miles and it still runs like a champ; I have never had a better car.  I am hesitant to trade it in because it has never had a mechanical malfunction of any kind.  I have been told that it is because it’s a Honda; I believe it.  I receive regular emails from Honda telling me I need to stop by for service. It’s either time for an oil change, brake check-up, or a tune up. My local tire shop sends me thank you notes when I purchase four new tires (I’m on my fourth set) and yes, the notes are hand-written. At 50,000 miles, I failed to have my transmission checked, fluid drained and refilled. I finally had the service completed at about 60,000 miles, but that delay almost cost me my extended warranty being honored because I didn’t do what Honda deemed necessary.

FYI, after 75,000 miles, I never missed a maintenance appointment.  My Accord now has 139,480 miles on it.  My warranty was out at 100,000 miles.  I think I am running on borrowed time at this point, and yet, it still runs perfectly.

Do you keep track of your service history?

How come our careers don’t come with a service manual like our car does? With boxes to check off as maintenance is successfully completed? How about warning lights that blink or buzzers that beep when excesses are reached or depletion occurs?

When was the last time you checked your turn signals? Do you know when a change of direction is necessary, when further interaction is required in order to gain the most knowledge or do you ignore those following your lead and just make haphazard turns hoping to hit the right street, landing at your destination in one piece, unscathed?

Have you had your speedometer calibrated lately? Checked your brakes for wear? If you drive so mindlessly and out of control that you can’t slow down to make the right move without crashing, what purpose does that fulfill? When sense of direction is lost, so is principle and ability to properly function. One must be able to slow down, evaluate a situation or issue and calculate the right move, the right turn, in order to align goals and objectives.

When was the last time you had your fluids checked or replaced your sparkplugs ? Changed out your battery? Everyone has to set aside time to re-charge. Explore a pastime, take a mini-vacation or visit a local museum. Re-charge! Life and work have to balance... too heavy on the side of work and the wear and tear on your vehicle may be too much to repair. Rarely does work/life balance come with an extended warranty.

So, check out your service manual, what does it suggest?

1. Keep your fluids up to proper levels.
 Stay healthy.

2. Check for leaks. Don’t waste time, energy, or capital.

3. Rotate your tires. Stay enthused about your career – attend seminars, conferences – Learn.

4. Replace your filters. Change when necessary. It will do you good.

5. Check warning lights as they occur. Listen to feedback.

6. Check drive belt. Understand your motivation.

7. Replace wipers. Make sure you can see the full picture.

Save time and money in the long run — Schedule regular maintenance.


Bonus Track!
Rayanne Thorn, @ray_anne is the Marketing Director for online recruiting software company, Broadbean Technology.  She is also a proud mother of four, happily engaged to Tom, residing in Laguna Beach, California, and a daily contributor for Blogging4Jobs.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.  



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