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I grew up in a large family


A little sister, four brothers, and at various times, a couple of foster kids graced the halls of our five bedroom house.  My parents were happy to share their home with anyone who needed a meal or a bed, at any time. My mom worked very hard and regularly served balance meals.  There was always fruit served with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whether it was a bowl of strawberries or sliced apples. My favorite fruit side dish was peeled orange sections topped with wonderful powdered sugar in a big bowl. It was like heaven to this nine-year old girl.

My mom served this rarely, usually oranges were sliced with peel left on. I always knew oranges were a delicacy, for my mom made sure we understood that during the Depression, oranges were scarce and expensive. There was always an orange in the toe of our Christmas stockings and I continue this tradition with my own children.

It wasn’t until years later when I grew to truly appreciate the oranges and powdered sugar joy. My mother revealed to me, a young adult, that she didn’t like to peel oranges. Not just disliked it but hated it with a passion. It was all she could do to peel one orange, let alone the six to eight oranges she would have to prepare to make my favorite fruit side. She hated itbut did it because we loved it. I have thought a lot about this over the years as I have prepared meals for my own children or done endless loads of laundry.

Or had to make follow-up calls I didn’t want to or had to fulfill specific hated job duties. Or had to put together references or case studies or put out several job postings or rank dozens of résumés. Or rewrite a job description or refurbish the on-boarding process. Throughout the course of a work day, there are parts of any  job that are less desirable than others, there may even be parts which are hated.

When “learning to love it” is impossible,
it may be easier to remember the big picture.

Understand that each part of your job description makes up the whole.  The whole is what employers, partners, and clients/customers appreciate, it’s why calls are returned, why partners share more details, why referrals are plentiful and why, ultimately, you are happy and satisfied with your own performance, your big picture.

They weren’t the easiest nor the most fun to prepare,
but those oranges were the best part of the meal.

Mom also hates to wrap presents, but that’s another story.


Bonus Track!
Rayanne Thorn, @ray_anne is the Marketing Director for online recruiting software company, Broadbean Technology.  She is also a proud mother of four, happily engaged to Tom, residing in Laguna Beach, California, and a daily contributor for Blogging4Jobs.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.  



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