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Each month at Blogging4Jobs we host webinar(s) discussing various topics relating to HR, Recruiting, and the Workplace.  Below, you can check out our next webinar.


June Blogging4Jobs Webinar

TITLE: How to Screen, Select and Onboard Your Contingent and Contract Workers  (Register here)

WHEN: June 18, 2015 at 1 PM EST

SPONSOR: talentwise-logo


For talent acquisition leaders, finding talent is tough which is why many businesses are turning towards hiring a more fluid and flexible project based workforce. Companies might refer to them as contract, project based workers, freelancers, or the independent workforce. Recruiting, hiring and engaging these independent candidates can be extremely challenging especially since their projects are specialized and often short term. Our experts will walk us through how to best hire, select and onboard your contract workforce. We will look at best practices from companies from small to large. Learn how to find and add these independent knowledge workers to your team quickly and easily saving you time, risk and money.

*This webinar is pre-approved for both HRCI and SHRM re-certification credits as part of their approved provider programs. 

OUR EXPERTS: Andrew Karpie, Analyst with The Research Platform; Jessica Miller-Merrell, Founder of Blogging4Jobs and one other special webinar guest.