Your Early 2015 Social Recruiting Priorities

Social Recruiting Priorities
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Recruiting on social media isn’t new, it’s mainstream. What has changed is job seeker behaviour, the social media noise level, and intolerance to poor social recruiter behaviour.

You can be amongst the best though if you make these 4 your social recruiting priorities in early 2015.

Pick the right social channel & play nicely

Recently LinkedIn revealed The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2014 based on “the skills and experience data in over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles.”  The skills listed won’t surprise you.

But look at it another way… If you possessed these skills and were perfectly happy in your role, would you stay on LinkedIn to be hounded by recruiters?

Probably not.

In 2014 I heard of many instances of people stripping back their profiles or leaving LinkedIn so they could gain some peace and quiet. Contrary to what you may believe, many people joined LinkedIn initially to network not to look for a job.

Look at who you’re hiring and find out where they play online. Pick a quieter channel. Get your hiring managers involved. Ramp up your engagement. And play nicely.

Engagement is key to social recruiting success in 2015

Stop broadcasting and start engaging.

Use the numerous tools available to you to keep organised and in regular conversation with potential candidates. Look to build trust and become known through the art of paying it forward,

Be personal. Recruitment is about people, whatever the channel.

Automate with care

Is there anything worse than a feed full of jobs and little else? Pointless too if you’ve not built the right following. So stop spitting your jobs out willy nilly before the followers you have gained switch off or mute you.

Automation is important though. It can be used to share articles of interests, news and insights into your company to build a following of interested people, who will then be happy to share your occasional job.

But also think about who is in charge of your social recruiting automation because this isn’t great either:

Social Recruiting Twitter

Much as I am always grateful for a blog share or 7, it would have been more effective if the scheduled posts had been shuffled so each person’s tweet went out at a different time. I’m a huge fan of Buffer’s shuffle button and use it when I schedule posts to similar channels to stop the above happening.

Final thought… it may be worth turning off automation sometimes:

Social Recruiting Twitter

(I’ll confess I may have been guilty of a few of these, oops!!)

Mobile, mobile, mobile

60% of job seekers already use mobile to look for jobs, are you making it easy for them to search & apply?

Try it out. Can you apply to your own jobs on your mobile career site?

You’re far from alone if you can’t but if you want to attract great talent you must get this sorted a.s.a.p.

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