TWITTER: The Promise and Smile of Better Business

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TWITTER: The Promise and Smile of Better Business

Apparently, I am too feisty

A former boss once pulled me aside to tell me that I was too feisty, that I needed to relax a bit, and not let other people get me all riled up.  I have tried to calm this part of me down – this will be my lifelong battle, I fear.  I become reactive and passionate – it is my nature.  In this particular instance, my boss was referencing the close watch that I keep on Twitter and what is being said about our company or our competition or our industry.  I have long felt that the power of Twitter is fantastically great and only getting greater and that it is our immense responsibility to keep tabs on what is floating around out there in the Twit-O-Sphere.

I doubt I am wrong, but maybe

Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe the importance of this mode of communication will never be as great as I predict.  But given the activity and ever-increasing usage and its importance in revolution, politics, fashion, and entertainment, I believe I am right.  Even friends who swore they would never imbibe are now active tweeters or lurkers, as the care may be..

The Difference

The thing that makes Twitter so different and so impactful is that Followers have to physically click a Follow button in order to Follow you. AND what you you say – your words – what you have declared important by adding a hashtag  can be followed as well.  An active choice has been made to be your listener.    This is why social media works, why Fortune 1000 companies, as well as  SMEs, are interested in products and services that make social media participation easier and less time-consuming.  It is also why smaller, start-ups, and re-structuring companies are engaging in it – because it levels the playing field.  The interested consumer or partner finds you, instead of the other way around.  Of course, there are ways to ignite interest or to drive traffic to the various customized social media outlets, or use those outlets to drive traffic back to a company’s website.  Content Marketing is the latest buzz action – it has gone way beyond a buzz word or phrase.

Why I do Business with Certain People

There is a reason I use Arrowhead water instead of Sparklett’s.   It isn’t because of price or because one comes from a crisp, Artesian spring while the other from a municipal water supply.  It is because I know and like the Arrowhead delivery man.  And he makes me feel like he knows and likes me.  He doesn’t need to show me company comparisons or offer me dirt on Sparklett’s.  It is very simply because I know him, I like him.   Here it comes:  People do business with people they know.

Another Communication Field

Twitter is another way to help consumers or clients know you.  There is something refreshing about it, something raw and honest, something dynamic, something different.  And even better yet, it still isn’t for everyone.  But neither are internet ads with flash.  Or airplanes flying along pulling large printed banners behind them.  Or hi-larious television commercials.  Or mass emails. Or flyers stuffed under windshield wipers.  Or printed and mailed out postcards.

 A Promise and a Smile

We can each pick a sweet spot to hang a logo and a promise.  Each partner, entrepreneur, associate or rebel has a preferred way.  And while promises are sold on every corner in aver way, it’s the actual delivery of the promise that counts.



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