There’s a Helluva Lotta Work in NetWORKing

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Takes Work to Network

I love the industry in which I work: HR, HR Technology, Recruiting, Recruiting Technology, Marketing, Social Media, Business, and Strategy all combine to create “where” I work and “what” I do.  There is always a sense of urgency, always a need to be fulfilled, always a reason to network, always a hunger for more knowledge.

While email and social media are great, it’s the voice-to-voice and face-to-face networking that drives me in this – my industry.  One of my favorite and most vocal anti-social media recruiters, Jerry Albright, is famous for making client calls and do you know what?  His clients LOVE him and they call him back.   It is not about shoving a stack of resumes under a hiring manager’s nose, it is about listening to what they need and then caring about those needs.  And then, letting that client/hiring manager know why they should hire you or trust you.  Jerry always asks the question “What makes me different? Why should you hire me?”  He let go of the “what will I get out of this?” question long ago and knows how to cement partner, client, and candidate relationships.

 Networking takes Work

Yes, it is work.  Yes, it can be tiresome.  Yes, it can even be heartbreaking.  But, it can also be worth it.  And not just in the form of a paycheck, closed deal, or partnership.  There is the whole thing about enriching your life.  Enriching your OWN life.  Enriching the life of your business.   Through education, expanded relationships, and through possibilities.  Why is it that so many forget the purpose of extended networking?  Many think it is just a party.  I would like to be able to just think life is a party, but I do not.  Never have.

You Know It Don’t Come Easy

Life has never been easy, neither has work.  Not for me, anyway.  A former boss once told me that he could tell that I have had to fight and scratch my way through life.  His recognition of my past struggles taught me to ease up a bit and enjoy my work more.   You’ve heard of a bull in a china shop?  I saw myself as the china, not the bull.   I don’t what to be the bull either, I want to be the person who navigates successfully through both and understands the better attributes of each.

You know it when you meet someone with a real smile and a strong, sincere handshake.  Why?  Because you know it when you meet someone shrouded in insincerity and the phony, slimy mask of sales.   Knowing lightness makes it easier to understand the dark.  The yin and the yang of it all.  What’s in it for me?  Truth.  Earnestness.  Might.  Potential.  Friendships.  Mentorships.
And Building Business the old-fashioned way – earning it.


by Rayanne Thorn






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  1. Thanks for this, Rayanne.

    Networking is certainly a lot of work. To this point, one of my mentors once told me that life is about relationships. He is 100% correct in this assertion. Meeting interesting people, engaging with them on a meaningful level about subjects you’re passionate about, and getting the same engagement back is one of the most rewarding things in the world.

    When one does this effectively then money has a way of making its way to you.

    Thanks for sharing this (and keep writing).




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