Effects of the Skills Gap on Tech Hiring

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Tech Hiring - Effects of the Skills Gap

Hiring High-End Techies

Much has been said and written about skills shortages or skills gaps.  No industry has been harder hit by this than IT, except for maybe healthcare.  And because of these shortages and gaps, hiring in these arenas will be more difficult over the next few years.  It would be of great benefit to understand a bit more about what is working to fill tech job openings.

Hot Trends for Hiring Tech Pros

5.  Knowing and Understanding what the hottest tech and IT jobs are right now. According to ITFinder.com, Mobile App developers were the most highly sought after tech pro is 2012.  With the mobile device industries (smart phones and tablets) dominating new tech dev, it is no wonder.   Other hot IT jobs include UX (user experience) developers and IT security pros.  It is important for those wishing to work in tech dev or IT to understand what is hot now – it gives them a better understanding of what might be hot tomorrow or where they should be crash learning to fill their own skills gap.  This also assists tech recruiters in knowing where the potential skills gaps might be.

4.  Social and Mobile tech is helping jobseekers to search for jobs and recruiters/hiring managers to find quality hires more quickly.  We have seen explosive growth in mobile technology and are learning to accept and get along with the constant connectivity provided by social media.  It makes sense to go where potential hires hang out by using the devices they are using. Mobile and social job advertising, along with the creation and proliferation of mobile recruiting apps, not only aids the hiring process but speeds it up a great deal.  Social mobile tech has changed how we communicate.  We won’t be going back to the old way any time soon.

3.  The IT / Tech workforce is becoming more flexible, like all other workforces.  As a result, workers/employees are in more control of how and when they work.  As we face the changing, as well as a misunderstanding, of employment tax laws, freelancing and contract work will become more prolific and according to a report by Deloitte, contract work is already at an all-time high.  With impending changes to healthcare in the US, it is an expectation that this type of workforce may not only be beneficial to the employee, but also to the employer.  Time will tell.

2.  Off-shoring work is on the decline.  With the over-promise and under-delivery of off-shoring IT work from India, China, and the Philippines, much tech work is returning to the US and staying onshore.  The intrigue of incredible talent at a lower price has proven, in many cases, to be too good to be true.  This has already lead to an increase in near-shoring and home-shoring – which provides similar, if not better, savings with less drama in the form of security threats and management issues, of off-shoring.


1.  IT Pros are in greater demand than any other field, according to CNN.  Tech companies are currently the largest job creator in the US.  Makes sense when you consider the ever-increasing demand by the public for updated and/or innovative technology.  There is a definitive “geek gap” taking place.  The gap is real as the need and drive for IT workers increases but skill levels do not.  An unqualified workforce may not be able to hold up under the continuing pressure and strain. Recruiting, training, and then retention will become a primary focus for hiring managers, as it should already have been.

The shortage of qualified workers is a serious issue in the tech industry and we all will face directly. To make matters worse, it has become apparent that the Asian job markets, such as China and India, will not offer the limitless supply of cheap tech-talent that it was once hoped.

War for Talent Wages On

The war for talent in the IT industry will continue to escalate. Techies are aware of their value and it is important for recruiters and hiring managers to become familiar with the changing expectations and communication habits of jobseekers. Understanding industry trends will allow access to new pools of talent, as well as effectively engage with these audiences/passive jobseekers.


~More Information~

The Information Technology sector has taken off in the last fifteen years.  As a result, the need for qualified IT Professionals has increased.  Not too long ago, I commissioned a white paper to discuss what the trends are in IT recruiting.  If you are interested in reviewing this informative white paper, simply fill out this short form to receive your free copy.

I think the information provided is extremely valuable, not only to IT recruiters but to anyone hiring right now or looking for a job right now – in any profession or sector.  The tactics, ideas, and details will benefit anyone involved in the jobs market, from either side of the fence – hiring or jobseeking.

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  1. I think educating jobseekers will have to be apart of company recruitment especially in the tech field going forward. Programs like Coding for GOOD, cfg.good.is, is a great example of employers educating potential candidates in an effort to expand the job pool. This is great because the educational platform GOOD and Apollo have designed equip participants with coding skills that they can carry forward as they continue to search even if they aren’t award the job being offered. I encourage companies to provide more opportunities like this and for those interested in learning to code to check out Coding for GOOD at cfg.good.is

    Camille |
    • Camille-
      You are definitely right! Continuing education for employees is part of a good retention program – but not just a promise of continuing ed, but follow-through!
      I will definitely pass along your ideas and Coding for GOOD. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Skills gaps are emerging in the economy today, and one major way to curb them is to invest in career and technical education (CTE). CTE has proven to deliver many benefits, including improved student achievement and career/earning prospects, more community vitality and more qualified workers for the jobs of today. When businesses work with educators, CTE programs are especially effective.

    The Industry Workforce Needs Council is a new group of businesses working together to spotlight skills gaps and advocate for CTE as a means of bridging them. For more information on the IWNC, or to join the effort, visit http://www.iwnc.org.

    Jason Sprenger, for the IWNC

    • Jason-

      CTEs will be critical to help fill the Skills Gap. Thanks for posting the IWNC here – I will pass it along!


  3. Great article. my remarks from indian perspective is
    India will offer capacity and capability for next two to three decades to the world till it reaches to a level of 15 to 25k usd per anum of per capita income from current 1200usd. However without the free flow of people across the globe, developed countries may not be able to levearage it fully. i hope that india will co tinue to integrate itaelf more and more with the globe and provide all that it can to service the demands of tech industry in skill sets and capacities and scale. for example data scintist is the new area that indian offshore industry is gearing upto.

    • Manoj-

      THANK YOU so much for commenting on this post. As you can see and have probably noticed, there is great concern about the jobless rate in the US. I really appreciate you sharing your perspective about India and the future of off-shoring. I think we all have an interesting future ahead of us!


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