Social Media Powered HR: Are Resumes Finally Obsolete?

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My business is growing and I’m finding myself in a steady hiring mode.

So far I’ve hired, managed and let go of a few people – all without ever seeing their resume.

My latest hire is a digital marketing manager, who I discovered when reading an article on

For those who aren’t in the digital marketing space, is a bit like Reddit for professional inbound marketers. In other words, if something is trending there, it probably was written by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

I knew that this person was potentially a good match for us skills-wise and culture fit-wise after reading a few pieces of his content and checking out his Twitter feed.

A Tweet, a Skype call half-way across the world and we’re sailing. No need to put ads on job boards and sift through hundreds of copied-and-pasted job applications in an attempt to pick out the passionate, savvy professionals and weed out the wannabes and the pretenders.

A screening process like this might seem too blaze for some who grew up using more traditional hiring methods, but in light of all the discussion about their inadequacy, I much prefer this approach.

Swiping Candidates.

What would happen if Tinder and LinkedIn married and had a love child?

I witnessed it first-hand this morning. It’s the latest in social media-powered HR and it’s called Coffee. It’s an app which works just like Tinder, except instead of looking for love you line up networking and hiring opportunities.

Swipe right to express interest. Swipe left to move on.

So far, it’s obvious that the Coffee user base is on the thinner side (they launched just a few months ago), however with more time and smart decisions, this app has the potential to become a formidable tool in any recruiter’s or HR manager’s arsenal.

(All that time you currently waste at bus stops by flicking through your Facebook feed can be put to good use screening candidates!)

Are Resumes Still Necessary?

In this digital world, where people connect via online industry online hubs, LinkedIn, mobile apps and demonstrate their credibility by producing online content, who needs a traditional resume?

Well, the answer to that is – quite a few people.

While the social media-powered hiring methods are on the rise, we must remember that their use is over-represented by a few select niches, namely digital media, design, advertising and startups.

The reality for most bankers, lawyers, sales professionals, project managers and senior leaders is that a resume is still very much a key element of the job search process.

The HR industry may be disrupted by social media and exciting tools and social networks are popping up everywhere, however parts of the industry which focus on traditional professions will rely on the good old resume for some time.

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