Communicate With Speed: The Power and Opportunity of Twitter

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Does Twitter Have You Stumped?


Do You Tweet?

Many of my friends do not tweet.  Only a few members of my family do.  It is not relevant to them – yet.  So, I understand when scoffers scoff and skeptics skep.  But I see and have benefited from the power and opportunity behind Twitter.  Communicate and with speed.  I was check daily all my Twitter channels, while it is part of my job – it is also something that I enjoy.  I, of course follow anything said about the Evenbase brands, the company for whom I work and the different verticals within my industry.  I also keep track all of competitors, I like to know what they are up to and those that follow them.   Twitter is about awareness.  It is about raising awareness and being aware.


One stream I have followed for years is simply titled “recruiters.”  I am often shocked and surprised, though I no longer should be, by the individuals who tweet out nonsense and complaints about recruiters and the company where they just interviewed.  And I am also surprised, though I no longer should be, by the way recruiters have treated candidates and/or  applicants.  The tweets I have seen prove that there are still recruiters out there who have not changed their spots and never will.  Pull your heads out, guys – a change will do you good.


I like to follow tweets about my community and interests like blogging and technology.  I have learned about events and new developments, earthquakes and road closures that I never would have had I not been paying attention to Twitter.  Additionally, I have made fast friends and business connections.   When you expand your network, you expand your reach.  I don’t bother too much with relevance.  I base relevance on me or on my work – on what I get out of it, how does it benefit me and my job – on whether it is relevant to me.   On that basis, I am going to attract or find individuals interested in the same things as I.


I have heard back from major corporations who have seen my tweets about them.  I have received thank you gifts in the mail and emailed coupons from companies whose products or services I have publicly touted or praised on Twitter.  I have asked questions, I have helped people with questions, I have learned about myself and others. I have promoted my brands and other brands.  I have shared blogs, information, and news.   And I enjoy it.  As much as many would like to have seen it, the Twitter star has not burned out.  As a matter of fact, it is getting bigger.  With 500 million registered users, 340 Million Daily Tweets, its impact and influence – its relevance – are undeniable.   And guess what?  They’re still hiring. – Company growth during a recession? That’s some pretty good evidence of a great company.   How much more evidence do you need?


Say something “Tweet Worthy”  – Most do not.



*TIP – if you are not aware

Do you know what #FF is?  It is also called #FollowFriday

*quick synopsis*

This is the day – Friday- when you select individual tweeters or company tweeters to share with your followers – to encourage your followers to follow others- tweeters whom you have learned from or find value in what they have tweeted over the course of the last week.  No, it is not a popularity contest.  Not if you are doing it right.  It is a give back to your community and those you follow.  I have never tweeted a #FollowFriday out about Steve Martin or Tom Peters, though I follow them both.  Nor have I tweeted out a #FF for my boss and you can bet I follow him and follow his ever-increasing twitter stream.



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  1. Great post, Rayanne. As you know, I work on the recruiting team at a software company called Vocus. I am putting together some slides for our recruiters about how they can and should be using Twitter to source and connect with potential candidates and people like you with great advice for them! I will definitely share this article with the team. I’m glad you mentioned the last point about great companies hiring during the economic downturn. Vocus is hiring for sales, marketing and client services in VA, MD and NC. We’re also looking for some Director and VP level positions. If anyone if interested, follow @VocusCareers on Twitter.

    Veronica Segovia |
    • Hi Veronica-

      Glad you enjoyed my post and I appreciate you sharing it with your team. Glad that the information is helpful – you might also want to check out: Twitter for the Jobseeker, which may have additional ideas. We are big fans of Twitter here on Blogging4Jobs, as you may or may not have guessed!

      -Rayanne Thorn

  2. Great post Rayanne. I guess I tweet for the same reasons you do, but you have articulated it beautifully. I guess I have to start publicly touting products or companies if I am to get any gifts in the mail! But I have certainly received quick responses from businesses I have ranted about.

    Prakash Gurbaxani |

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