Moments of Engagement: Tech-Crossing Streams

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Oreo Envy?

I read a post yesterday about “Oreo Envy” — referencing the instant Oreo marketing “hit” last February — a real-time tweet that happened during lights out at Super Bowl XLVII.  You can still dunk in the dark will be the real-time marketing campaign remembered for years to come.  5 men and two women didn’t sit around a boardroom, Madmen-esque, trying to out-sling the next big advertising ideas at each other.  A couple of insightful folks capitalized on a moment in time when almost all eyes were watching (and frustrated by the stalled game) – nearly 16,000 retweets proved marketing success.  Marketing and social streams crossed perfectly to create a real-time bonanza that most marketers would die for.  Or at least turn out the lights for.   I wonder, has anyone investigated as to whether or not Oreo sabotaged the lights at the Superdome in New Orleans?

Worlds collide and we either go down in flames or we seize the day and make the advantage ours.  Content marketers try – some try too hard and embrace hot trends like the latest Hannah Montana dance routine or Meth lab endings.  Others stab at marketing with social technology, thinking strategy need not apply.  Wisdom not only comes with age, sometimes it comes with smarts, intuition – and there are times when it is all in the timing – like during a big game in New Orleans.  It’s pretty easy to see what technology has to do with all this.

Don’t you love it?

Those who know me or have read me know how much I love tech and the changes it has brought to the many functions of business.   From HR and recruiting to internal comms and marketing, technology and social has changed everything.  I would venture a guess that the most important department in any business today is IT – Information Technology.  Think about it  – information – it is necessary in all departments.  What does a successful business look like today?  Is a computer necessary or an online presence requisite?  Perhaps not – but it sure does help. The most powerful tool an organization has is its ability to engage with a buying customer or client.

Technology and Engagement

The reason the Oreo tweet worked so well is because it was engaging.  People saw the connection between what they were experiencing in the moment (real time) and Oreo aficionados everywhere – how many of us haven’t dipped or at least eaten the cream out of an Oreo?  Nearly 16,000 retweets meant that nearly 16,000 people let Oreo in, they believed in Oreo, and they shared it.  Technology – a social tech – allowed for that engagement.  It was smart, it was funny, it was timely, it was perfect. (Again, did anyone check for cookie crumbs around the light box?)

Some engagement is prompted or planned, and some is spontaneous and works when all is right with the world.  What did Oreo do right?  They knew who was watching.  They knew their customer and they recognized timing.  They also knew how to use the tools in front of them to the fullest advantage.  They knew how to engage.  You cannot force engagement, because it is about the recipient – the recipient chose to like and respond back, two-way – ah-ha!

Gain an Understanding

For me, I watch, I listen, and I wait for perfect moments of engagement.  They are sometimes plentiful – like at the HR Tech Conference & Expo next week – I will have plenty of opp to see many doing it right, I hope.  And I will be sharing some of those greatest ideas and moments of engagement.  Sometimes, those moments are rare – but beautiful.  I hope to share a few of those beautiful moments over the next several months.  A unique opportunity was bestowed upon me to work with a master perfectionist when it comes to engagement and using technology / social tools to his advantage, Chris LaVoie of LaVoie Entertainment which produces Top Recruiter – The Competition.  He said yesterday, in a spontaneous moment of engagement on Facebook, that based on his 20 years of experience, “People consume content based on THEIR behavior.”

Understand the consumer’s behavior.  Know your buyer, sympathize with them, empathize with them, get what they experience, where their interests lie.   You can push what you want out there all day, but until you deliver what they want, it ain’t gonna happen.

I’m interested in crossing streams, in making moments happen.  And I’ll be watching.


by Rayanne Thorn


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  1. Agree with your assessment of the State of Talent Engagement, Shankar – though I think there are far more companies doing great stuff than the few you have stated here…
    Check out Geico, AT&T, NPR, Pepsi, AT&T, etc…, — the list is long – but could definitely be longer.

    Interesting that you choose to “push” someone else’s content here. Glad I “pulled” you in…


    • True. The big ones (read fortune 500) can do it. But except a few, others are throwing bodies at the problem. There is something called innovation that needs to adopted in hiring,

      How many companies try to attract new talent? and position themselves as a employer of choice?


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