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Opportunities Abound

I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible people over the last several years.  A set designer who built me a beach in the middle of an expo hall and then later helped me set sail on a pirate ship to heaven, a social maven who knows every trick in the HR handbook and then some,  a phenomenal sales exec who knows her product and the art of tech sales better than anyone I know, an advocate for recruiting genius in an incomparable corporate/brand setting, a recruiting expert who decries all things that detract from the basics of the process – a phone and a network, a UK recruiter with a techie heart who grew his business and moved to America with only a dream and a checkbook, a recruiter in the trenches who teaches me more and more about hiring in every call, a mentor who has called me an idiot in front of an audience and challenged me to grow, the red dress coalition who holds their collective heads high, a senior exec who wants more than anything to change the course of HR Tech forever, a marketing colleague who challenges and inspires in one fell swoop, and the free spirits who teach me more about technology than I ever thought I could know…

The room keeps spinning

It has been a learning curve that would make the best of them dizzy…   I climb out of bed each morning and shake the cobwebs out because another day looms and I am woefully unprepared – but it is that challenge that gets me going, that turns me on, and drives me to work long hours and stretch my brain completely out of whack.  These are the days, I will remember.


Several years ago, I met a marketing genius.  We saw eye to eye… we were both tired of the same old way of doing things and knew there had to be more to promoting a product or enhancing a company employment brand.  He went one way and I went another but within 6 months our paths crossed again as the opportunity to work together rose and how could we pass it up?  He shared his vision with me of what he thought he could do for the recruiting industry  – how he could raise the bar, how he could pique interest, and spark further flames of innovative thought and quality content in video production.  A game changer – a branding expedition like no other.

And he was right…

Top Recruiter kicked off Season 1 in 2012 and I have never looked back.  No other project has left me more satisfied and yet hungry for more.  No other campaign has produced more leads or created more of a social ruckus.  No other opportunity has allowed me to share what I LOVE about recruiting… the people, the process, and the change it brings to hiring companies and the people to whom they extend offers.  It is entertainment with purpose.  Education with joy.  Entercation… Edutainment… and I have LOVED being a part of it.

Season 3

There were naysayers… there were those who thought it would never last… there were those who thought it was a fluke or a passing fancy.
Here’s the thing  — I would agree with them if Chris LaVoie were not at the helm.  You see, he doesn’t stand still – literally – ever.  He doesn’t miss a beat or chance to share, promote, push, market his friends and those who have stepped up to sponsor Top Recruiter.  Never. Misses. A. Beat.  never…
I have never met anyone who demanded more perfection, who planted quality in his wake, and who lifted every person involved in the process at every turn.
It has been my complete honor to be involved with Top Recruiter since its inception.

Creative Drive

You cannot have innovation without thought.  You cannot have innovation without change.  Just doesn’t happen.  
So damn excited to be a part of innovative change that rocks the boat, drops the hammer, turns on a dime, challenges an industry and its influencers, and opens the door that too many are afraid to walk through.  Not Top Recruiter – not Executive Producer Chris LaVoie.  He swings the door wide open and begs you to swing back…
His “Get it” approach shines a light on each sponsor, each VIP, and each recruiter vying for the show title.  He is incomparable, as is the experience he creates.

Change.  It is the future.


by Rayanne Thorn

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  1. So looking forward to Season 3 of Top Recruiter. I’m sure it will be another exciting adventure for the world of talent management. So glad there are folks like Chris out there pushing the boundaries of the branding in our space and for making the world recognize the value that recruiting professionals play in our lives.


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