1. Just because people are on Facebook doesn’t mean they will look for jobs via it. I know many senior professionals who wouldn’t even dream of having a Facebook account, or have had one which has laid dormant for ages. By and large Facebook is a place for idle gossip between family and friends, a place to post funny picture and jokes or discuss the minutiae of your life. It’s not targeted and it’s not professional. Indeed, many on there don;t even say what they do for a job, so it’s impossible to know that you will be reaching the very best people for the job.

    • @Aladair, I think you are missing the point. Facebook is a searchable database where as a recruiter I can go and search for job seekers. It doesn’t matter if you want it to be used that way. It just does. Over 1 billion people are using Facebook and the majority of professionals are using it for personal and professional reasons. While candidates may not share all their professional background information on the Facebook, they are sharing industry-related news and bits about their work and job. So recruiters make assumptions after we find your profile and we dig deeper looking for an article mention with your name or your membership listing in a professional association in addition to your Facebook account.

      Truth is that FB is just an online database. It catalogues your life. Advertisers and marketers are using the tool in this way to reach customers and recruiting this way in my opinion is a smart option. Why wouldn’t you be where the largest population of adults are online?


  2. Because I don’t want my life catalogued on Facebook and I don’t want to be part of a database that makes it easy for any old recruiter to find me free of charge and then charge a client a huge fee for doing something the client could do themselves. Where’s the added value? What are recruiters actually getting paid for these days if all they do is a trawl through Facebook and Linkedin? And what about the very many professionals who don’t use those mediums, particularly Facebook, where, despite your assertion that the majority use it, I know for a fact that in the UK many senior level professionals don’t because they find it banal. It was originally a college dating medium. It morphed into a worldwide platform for people to talk about the minutiae of their lives and to me that is all it will ever be. I want a job I look where the jobs are – job boards, media career portals, employers careers section of their websites.


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