Friday Five: Olympics, LinkedIn and Lesbians Who Tech

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The big social media story this week is the Olympics. They’ll be dominating headlines and chatter throughout the games, and not just because of fan excitement for them. The USOC and IOC are working hard to make headlines for themselves with some rather repressive rules for sharing Olympics-related photos and videos and even for using their hashtags. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a big brand try to exert this level of control over public communications and certainly not the first time we’ve seen the Olympics crack down to protect its brand, but I can’t help but think this will backfire on them.

A big part of why the Olympics is so wildly popular is that people feel, well, possessive of the games and they feel represented by their teams. The Olympics isn’t just about the games or even just about the atheletes; it’s about people coming together in friendly competition. If armchair athletes and viewers feel alienated from an Olympics that seems increasingly cynical — and even corrupt — that can only lead to more protests and more hard questions about some of the dubious decision-making at the IOC.

This social media crackdown strikes me as the move of a very worried brand and sets a bad precedent for all of us who work and play in the social media space. Bad form, Olympics.

But let’s not focus only on the Olympics — there are other stories, right? Right! Let’s talk LinkedIn, Lesbians Who Tech and more. This is your Friday Five:

Throwdown: Can LinkedIn Take On Salesforce?

Katrina Kibben at Recruiting Daily looks at the possibilities for LinkedIn, now that it’s a Microsoft brand. She makes the case for Salesforce and for LinkedIn, but for her it comes down to this question, “What if using a platform like LinkedIn for everything means that marketing, sales AND HR could finally get along?”

LinkedIn Lost More Money Than Ever This Quarter

Ruh roh. LinkedIn may have beat the odds to post surprisingly high revenue last quarter, but it also beat the odds in losing the most money it ever has in a single quarter.

MYnority Report – Diversity Recruiting Meet Lesbians Who Tech

Over at Recruiting Tools, Jackye Clayton writes about the recent Lesbians Who Tech summit. The organization is a 9,000 member strong group of lesbian women in tech that focuses on networking, support and professional exchange. Why should you be paying attention? As Jackeye puts it, “the Lesbians Who Tech Summit is the only event focused on increasing visibility and tech participation in two historically underrepresented communities: the women’s and queer communities.”

The Fastest-Growing Job Categories For Flexible Work May Surprise You

Well they certainly surprised me! It turns out that increasingly jobs in government, engineering, project management, communications, and travel and hospitality are available as flexible opportunities on the work site FlexJobs. Jared Lindzon looks at this and other workforce trends to discuss the growing popularity of flexible — part time in office, part time remote or from home — work. The key, he says, is that flexible work drastically improves employee satisfaction.

Facebook’s New Anti-Clickbait Algorithm Buries Bogus Headlines

Facebook is rolling out a new algorithm for Pages and for once it will make your life — if you’re an editor, like me — better, not worse. “Facebook Pages and websites that frequently withhold, exaggerate or distort information in their link headlines will disappear from News Feed thanks to a new anti-clickbait algorithm that’s now rolling out.” H E A V E N.

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