In 2015, Should Facebook Access Be Banned at Work?

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Your employer bans Facebook access at Work? Wow!

With the release of Facebook At Work into the app store and subsequent conversations around Facebook access being banned in the office (that ironically took place on FB & Twitter!), I was shocked by the breadth of “2005 thinking” that some companies still have towards social media.

According to recent research by eMarketer, 75% of Facebook access is on a mobile anyway… so wouldn’t it make sense to permit its use in the office and monitor employee usage?

Or would you rather ban mobiles in the office too? (Which shockingly I have heard is the case in some organisations!)

What could allowing Facebook access give you?

Deeper trust

By banning Facebook access you are telling your employees that you don’t trust them. Is that what you want?

You trust them to use the phone. You trust them to use email. You trust them to leave work and talk about their day at work fairly. Is Facebook so different?

Is what you fear about granting Facebook access valid enough to risk employee morale, especially now the market is heating up?

The next generation

Personally, I don’t like generational typecasting or any kind of pigeon holing but, the kids of today have grown up using social media and it’s an integral part of how they operate.

They expect to see your company using it.

They’ll expect access to have Facebook access when they work for you.

They’ll take a different job/leave if you don’t give them access.

How long before you need to hire the next generation?

Access to the most active pool on social media

According to research by We Are Social, of a total 2.2 billion social network users globally, Facebook has a staggering 1.36 billion active users.

social media access

You likely allow LinkedIn for sales and recruitment, focusing energy on a platform of just 332 million with only 40% active, so why do you ban access to the other billion people?

How could these people help your business?

Increased employee referrals

The highest quality of hire, who become the most productive employees.

As the numbers show above, it’s a simple fact that there are more job seekers on Facebook than there are on LinkedIn. They can be tapped into in numerous ways and one of the easiest is through your own network of engaged employees.

Who do they know? Who do they know who’d be a great fit for your firm?

How will you ever know what top talent you’re missing out on if you ban Facebook access in the office?

Is Facebook access banned in your office? If so, why?

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  1. Totally agree Katrina. We’re not in pre-k or high school here. Adults should have the ability to monitoer their own social media usage at work. And who’s to say time wasters wont find other ways to waste time? Companies would be better off figuring out how to utilize social media to increase job performance. Certain jobs certainly have that potential.

    Samantha Stauf |

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