Blogging4Jobs to Host #SXSW Party for HR & Recruiting Professionals

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I’m proud to announce my upcoming party at SXSW, now in its sixth year, Social Siesta. The event will take place Saturday, March 12th, 2016 from 1:00-4:00 PM at Max’s Wine Dive. We have food, drinks, great conversation and some fabulous prizes. Click here to learn more.

In 2010, I created a meetup specifically for talent management, HR and recruitment professionals to connect, meet and network out of my own need. The South by Southwest conference is massive, and it is extremely important to find ways to allow like minded professionals in our space to connect.

Social Siesta Tickets Are Available for Those in the HR & Recruiting Industry

Every year this event is extremely popular and this year is no exception. I’m excited to announced I’m opening up some additional VIP passes to those who are a part of the industry. I want to make sure that we continue building, growing and working towards establishing new relationships and I want to make sure that HR, recruiters and other leaders are able to do that at SXSW.

If you would like to attend Social Siesta and work in the HR and recruiting industry, send me an email at Jessica(at)blogging4jobs(dot)com. Please don’t use the event registration link and add yourself to the waitlist. Include your full name, who you are and how you are tied to the industry. I’ll be sending out a limited number of tickets. In addition to sending me an email, you are also welcome to leave a comment on this article.


Social Siesta wouldn’t be a success without the support of our sponsors, including ExtendMyStaff, MaximusLife and Sanera, the People Development Company. Show them some love by visiting their websites and making some time to talk with them at the Social Siesta.





Where I’ll Be During SXSW

Each and every year SXSW is always one of my favorite events because of the diverse people, interesting topics discussed and the conversations it brings. This year I’m not only hosting an event but I have a book signing and a dual session I’m presenting titled, Resumes Suck! 7 Ways to Land a Job in Social Media on Sunday, March 13th at 11:00 AM. The book signing happens right after my session in the book store from 12:30-1:00 PM. I’m also speaking on Mobile Recruiting Best Practices at TalentNet in Austin, TX, on Friday, March 11 at 1:30 PM. Click here to learn more.

*The Social Siesta event is not any way affiliated with SXSW. 

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