Blogging as a Resume Alternative

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The response from my recent post about blogging and how it can land you a job has created a great deal of excitement and conversation. A couple days ago I came across a great blog that includes testimonials from job seekers who have found a job as a result of blogging. It’s called Blog for Jobs.

The site is great! Check is out a

A recent post is from Andrew. See an excerpt below:

A few weeks ago, I was reading Jeremiah Owyang’s blog and saw a post on people who were “on the move” in the social media industry. I thought, well what is wrong with a little bit of self-promotion? So I left a comment, which you are free to go check out for yourself, basically saying “Hey, I haven’t been on the move…but I would like to be!” And as a result of this, Lisa Young from Outrider reached out to me with some information about the company and the industry as a whole..then I spent a day and a half pouring through Google and every other internet tool I could think of to absorb as much information as I could about the company. Well over the past few weeks, about 97.4 emails, and dozens of hours spent researching different aspects of the company and industry I decided that I really wanted to come on board with the firm and so…here I go!

The stigma surrounding blogging is fast becoming no more. Blogging is now being seen as a career move and a development opportunity, a chance for you to become an expert in a field. Blogging is the perfect way for a candidate to give an employer a more detailed sales pitch — to show the employer they can ‘talk the talk’ (as opposed to just filingl a resume with buzzwords).” Many recruiters are considering the blog as a “resume alternative” similar to the video resume.

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