1. Fantastic post Lisa.

    I have been addressing social adoption to 22,000 employees for over 3 years, and in my experience your points are spot on. Executive sponsorship and change management are key, and neither should be under-estimated the need for.

    I’ve also found that for change management you also need to introduce a social maturity model that will help teams develop their own roadmap to adoption and embed change for good. It is so easy to go back to old and inefficient habits (like too much email…)

    You also need champions in the business. I have found these an invaluable asset to creating and sustaining a socially connected enterprise.

    Again, great post and good luck with the conference in Boston.

    PS: you should join our weekly Social Workplace Twitter Chat (#SWChat) on Thursdays at 4pm EST – it’s about being social behind the firewall in the enteprise. See for more info

    • Thanks for your feedback David!

      I agree- we have numerous champions within the lines of business who are critical in planting seeds for discussion, cultivating ideas and keeping the momentum going. We leverage their networks to drive engagement and business value.

      I’d like to learn more about your social maturity model. I’ll try to join your weekly call on Thursday.

      Best, Lisa

      Lisa Bonner |
      Lisa Bonner
  2. Nice article. I especially resonate with your point about the lack of business objectives. It seems like it should be obvious, but it doesn’t seem to be; too many organizations seem to be clinging to the, “if we build it, they will come”. Ultimately, social collaboration has to be about actually working together more productively, which means making meaningful changes to how work gets done. A few more thoughts on this topic at

    Alex Kass |
    • I agree- online collaboration MUST drive business value! The best online teams see a lift in productivity because its “what they do” NOT “an additional site” that they go to. It’s an evolution….

      I appreciate your feedback Alex~ Lisa

      Lisa Bonner |
      Lisa Bonner
  3. Having been a project manager for several tech firms, I can attest to how true your 5 points are. Change management can be especially tricky if people are used to doing things “a certain way.” Your tool must have good value and great benefits right from the beginning, and you have to show those good qualities right away to your team.

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