Ep 82 – Why I Joined the Advanced Group as the VP of Talent

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Earlier today, you might have read or heard about a press release that went live announcing that I’ve joined the Advanced Group as their newly appointed Vice President of Strategies. I’m excited to finally share with you about my return to the corporate practitioner ranks.

Episode 82: Why I Joined the Advanced Group as the VP of Talent Strategies

This podcast episode is different than the other 81 I’ve done in the past. I thought it best to answer some likely questions that readers might have about my return to the corporate fold. I’ll discuss a little bit about my return and answer some questions I’ve been asked from friends, family and colleagues and then later you’ll hear from Leo Sheridan, the Advanced Group’s CEO.

Who is the Advanced Group?

Advanced Group provides expertise in talent acquisition and management, consulting, outsourcing and professional services. They were founded in 1988 and have four lines of business: Advanced Clinical – provides strategic resourcing/talent/FSP and CRO solutions for the pharmaceutical industry; Advanced Resources –  talent acquisition for HR, technology, accounting/finance, healthcare, and office support talent (as well as workforce business solutions); AdvancedRPO – recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions; and WunderLand Group – talent for the marketing and creative industry.

Advanced Group’s corporate headquarters are located in Chicago. They have received a lot of accolades including winning the Best in Staffing Award, Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplaces and Best Places to Work in Illinois. To learn more about the Advanced Group, listen in to the podcast and hear from Leo Sheridan, the Advanced Group’s founder and CEO to learn more about their business and philosophies. After hearing him, I think you will understand why I jumped at the chance to take on this role.

What’s your role again? VP of What?

I’m joining the company as the vice president of talent strategies. I’ll be focused on the areas of talent processes, digital, recruitment marketing and technologies. Because the company has four different lines of business, I’ll be working with each serving as a subject matter expert and resource for the lines of business.

What happens to Blogging4Jobs?

Absolutely nothing is changing with regard to the blog. I’ll still be writing here as many others will also be doing. I’ll be podcasting and webinaring and working to provide resources, education and information to practitioners in all areas of human resources including talent acquisition.

One of the reasons I love the Advanced Group is their belief and commitment to letting their employees be their whole selves — in my case, that means continuing to pursue my passion for writing, speaking and being what some call a thought leader. The blog will continue as it has always been although I will tell you that we have some re-branding happening in the next few months, which I already had planned for. The blog will be being renamed and moving to a new website later this summer.

Are you still doing consulting, writing and speaking?

Yes, I will still be doing those things, however, my consulting workload will change a bit since my first priority is now with the Advanced Group. My work with the Advanced Group will probably have me speaking and traveling more which I’m excited about. Look for me at conferences discussing new programs, learnings and best practices that I’ll be working on in my new role.

Why did you really join the Advanced Group?

I’ve always believed that at some point in my career I would dive back into a practitioner role. I wanted to work for a company that was progressive and willing to hire the entire me and not just what they viewed as the good parts. I wanted a company that was ready to embrace social media and digital, which is an important part of my job at the Advanced Group. In this role, I’m a member of the executive team and am really excited to work directly with my COO, Jim Johnson and our CEO, Leo Sheridan who you can hear from on this episode of the Workology Podcast. The entire executive and leadership team understands that we must move forward into these new uncharted areas. I firmly believe that recruiting and human resources involve marketing and communications functions both internally and externally.

Connect with me, Jessica Miller-Merrell on LinkedIn and connect with Leo Sheridan on LinkedIn. You can also email me at jessica(at)blogging4jobs(dot)com or by phone at (405) 293-2564 to talk more.



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