Ep 46 – How Job Boards Drive Results in Recruiting & Hiring

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It’s no secret the job market has heated up, and recruiters are evaluating and assessing new as well as tried and true strategies to improve their hiring efforts. ┬áThe first virtual and online job board was created more than 20 years ago in 1994. The movement from the classified job ads section of the newspaper and the physical “job board” or bulletin board message center to a virtual and online job distribution platform has certainly changed. Over the last two decades, employment websites have become a key component in finding job seekers and remain a consistent performer for companies as part of their recruitment and hiring strategies. This is despite pundits and experts proclaiming the death of the job board industry. Virtual job boards remain a strong option for recruiters to engage qualified candidates. According to the 2014 Career XRoads Source of Hire Report, job boards account for over 20% of hires for companies.

Episode 46: How (Virtual) Job Boards Work for Recruiting & HR Teams with Jeff Dickey-Chasins (@jobboarddoctor)

Jeff Dickey-Chasins, know as the Job Board Doctor takes some time to talk with me about the job board industry, trends he is seeing and how recruiters can best leverage job boards to drive quality candidates to their job openings. Jeff, who is a member of the last name hyphenation club like me sets the record straight providing us with insights on what makes a job board a job board versus a job aggregator. On the Workology Podcast, he talks about new categories, trends and types of HR technologies that often get thought of as job boards like Hired and Gild. He shares with us where he sees job boards and their technologies evolving and transforming.

Jeff has a vast knowledge of job boards and the industry having evaluated over 450 in his time serving as an analyst and consultant. He talks about how the industry has evolved, some misconceptions about job boards and most importantly how recruiters can tap into job boards to drive qualified candidates using a number of different tools, technologies and services that job boards offer especially those in the niche job board category. You can connect with Jeff Dickey-Chasins on LinkedIn.



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