Ep 34 – HR Technology As a Bridge with Greg Rokos

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I absolutely love technology. It’s an important part of my business, but what’s most hardest for me is getting started when it comes to new technology. I’m not alone in this thinking. We like to stick we things that are comfortable and tried and true. It’s the reason your applicant tracking system hasn’t changed much since 1995. Change is good but getting there is hard. Change is necessary in life as it is in recruiting. Being flexible to change is especially important when it comes to technology in recruiting.

Episode 34: How HR Technology Can Serve as a Bridge in Recruitment with Greg Rokos (@gregrokos)

In this episode of the Workology Podcast, I sat down with video interviewing and recruiting technology trailblazer, Greg Rokos where we talked about how technology can push recruiting teams forward. Greg is the President and Co-Founder of GreenJobInterview. He’s a former agency recruiter whose company was one of the first video interviewing technologies available in the HR technology marketplace.

Because of Greg’s background as a recruiter combined with his experience in innovative high tech, I was particularly interested in hearing how technologies new as well as established ones can help recruiting and human capital teams create a bridge that elevates their current hiring strategies. Greg is just one of those guys that is so easy to talk to. In addition to technology we cover topics like cost per hire and establishing a return on investment in your recruiting efforts. Mostly importantly, how to communicate the ROI in recruitment to your senior leaders, particularly your CEO. Video interviewing tech offers a clear ROI which we talk about in detail. Check out our podcast in full to hear more from Greg Rokos. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.



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