Recapping Mobile Recruiting Week #mobilerecruit

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We want to extend a super big THANK YOU to our sponsor RXInsider and their new mobile app tool, CEAppCEnter for hosting Mobile Recruiting Week on Blogging4Jobs.  Learn more about mobile recruiting by registering for our webinar on 5/22 at 11 AM EST, click here. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter hashtag, #mobilerecruit.

This week Blogging4Jobs delivered 30+ blogs on the topic of Mobile Recruiting. In case you were you were sleeping on the job here are the top 5 blogs from our themed week.

Why Mobile in HR: Wondering why everyone is calling mobile recruiting the wave of the future? Feel free to read this post on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desk top. Read More.

BYOD: Don’t Forget About the Employees: It can be tempting to go full steam a head with a shiny new BYOD policy, after all, all the cool kids are doing. Be advised though, it might not be such an easy adoption. Read More.

Next Gen Hiring – Why Mobile is Important: Looking to snag yourself some “Now Generation” employees? Easier said than done and mobile technology will be your way in. Read More.

Mobile Manners and Tech Etiquette: Whole new group of technology and applications creates whole new standards of etiquette. Don’t be that tech etiquette dummy. Read More. 

“Let’s Get Physical”: Mobile to Motion: Take notes from this all time pop hit when creating your mobile strategy. Warning- you may feel inclined to dance. Read More. 

Thanks again to RXInsider and their new mobile app tool, CEAppCEnter  and don’t forget about our webinar on 5/22 at 11 AM EST. Click here

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