What Industry is Booming? RETAIL!

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There are plenty of articles circulating on the internet that keep promoting what the top career choices are for our youth.  I, quite frankly, am not buying into it.

I’m not saying that having a bachelors in Accounting or Computer Science won’t eventually land you a job.  But there is a sector of the market that I never see promoted as a career option – Retail!

Did you know that there are many fast-track management programs offered in the retail industry?  Some don’t even require a college degree, provided you are on course towards that goal.  Many individuals take a position in retail with the idea it will be a short-term job, but stay because they can’t pass up the many opportunities to advance within the company.

Retailers such as CVS Caremark, Target, TJX Companies, Firestone, and Sherwin-Williams offer excellent training, the ability to be promoted within a short amount of time, and a clear path towards management!  Certainly the catch is that you will have to work very hard and prove yourself.  Being on time, having a “can-do” attitude, and a continuous desire to do whatever it takes to get the job done will make YOU an appropriate candidate!

The news has been out for a while, about the skyrocketing costs of a 4 year degree.  I think we can all nod a head of approval, that formal education beyond high school is a must.  But for those kids who are unsure what path to pursue, or don’t have a specific calling towards being a doctor…why aren’t we suggesting getting in the door with a retail company?

There’s no shame in working and taking classes at a community college to keep the cost of your education down while gaining valuable experience. This is a path that many should be looking towards…instead of riding the nostalgic, emotional-wave that society keeps pushing…

– The need for the “College Experience.”

We keep complaining about the economy, but the truth is we’re not willing to accept change.  Life never stays the same…neither does the price of gas.  So get moving on changing your thinking about higher education and career choices.  Don’t set your kids up to have a whopping amount of debt that will negatively impact the rest of their life! 

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