SCAM ALERT: Job Seekers Take Heed!

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Job hunting is tough enough, but throw a scam in the mix and it can make some people vulnerable. It could even put a trusting job seeker at financial risk. And, that is NOT okay. When I recently became aware of online scams targeting job seekers, I knew that I had to do something. To anyone reading this post … please share and help spread the word to our job seeking friends and neighbors.


Sure, Craigslist has had a shoddy past, but there are some legitimate employers with real jobs on the global catch-all site. However, there are also some people posing as legit companies that are disgusting scammers. Here are some ways to spot a scam job on Craigslist:

  1. There are no company branded visuals.
  2. There are no links or mentions to the company’s bona fide website.
  3. There is a link to a non-company branded URL.
  4. The “reply” button shows a Yahoo, Hotmail or other non-company branded email address.

If you respond to a Craigslist job posting and receive a response from a non-company email that directs you to apply at a non-company branded URL … I hope that a red flag goes up for you! Don’t do it. I have no idea what these people are doing with the information they are gathering, but it can’t be good.


There are people “sourcing” candidates online¬† and emailing them with the promise of $34 an hour for entry level jobs. They are requesting that would-be applicants create Yahoo email addresses and Yahoo Instant Messenger accounts. Oh, and the “online hiring manager” is asking for bank account information to set up direct deposit … all before anyone ever calls you or sets up an in-person interview.

This is not how ethical companies do business.



It really ticks me off that these sort of scams happen. But, obviously they do and we have to protect ourselves. If a job posting reeks, don’t go near it. If it seems questionable, visit the company’s career site and see if you can find the posting there.

Many companies also have a “contact us” option on their career sites. Send an email and ask questions. And, please don’t ever provide your bank account information when applying for a job! No one needs that, not until well after you are hired and have actually started your new job.

Bottomline: If something seems “off,” it probably is! Be smart and safe online.

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