Next Gen Hiring – Why Mobile is Important #MobileRecruit

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The Next Generation

What is Next Gen exactly? I think there are a couple groups which fall into this category – one which may surprise you.  Next Gen is the next generation workforce – they are Gen Y and Millennials – but they also the NOW Gen. I have coined this phrase, the Now Gen, to mean anyone who embraces new technology and uses it in their workday – this includes even me  – a 50-year old Baby Boomer. The Next Gen is interested in using technology to benefit their work and lives, not to escape their work and lives – but actually have technology be why they can have a life outside of work and learn what balance really means – that yes, of course life is important, but so is work — how can we do both better?

What Does the Next Gen want?

They want quite a bit and realistically, they should – we live and work in a complicated time, so of course our wants and needs will most certainly be complicated, as well.

The Next Gen wants:

  • Input Regarding their Future and their Career Path
  • To be Valued and Appreciated in their work and in their lives
  • Learning Opportunities – Opportunities for Growth
  • Flexibility in their hours  / To Work Virtually
  • To do Contingency or Contract Work
  • To be Self-Directed
  • Work / Life balance
  • Updated Technology
  • To be Heard and yes, Respected

And Next Gen wants a Hiring process which meets their needs

  • The Social Channels Where they Hang out
  • Truthful Employment Branding
  • An Easy UX (user experience)
  • Fits their Schedule
  • And a process which is accessible from anywhere

And all of this means MOBILE…
A mobile hiring process.

What are some of the Hiring Lures for Next Gen?

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • Chance for Internal Upward Mobility
  • Learning and Development Opportunities
  • A Successful Company
  • Virtual / Telecommuting – flexibility!
  • Updated Technology

How does social media impact the lures?

Company and Employment Brand are shared through social – this impacts brand perception from every angle. Engagement cannot be measured by an algorithm alone, only a job seeker or candidate, and even employee can share the engagement they truly felt. How about the quality of the product(s) or service(s) – does this impact employment attraction? Of course, it does – and it refers back to “a successful company” – we all want to be a part of a successful team.  Can how clients, customers, or partners are treated create a negative employment perception? Most certainly, if bad experiences are shared via social or even actual word of mouth.

Having an ISN (internal social network) for the company can have a very positive effect on company culture. Responsiveness and engagement are key factors in how employment brand is perceived.  And again, a mobile strategy addressing each of these things is imperative – the Next Gen is a Mobile Gen.

The Next Gen wants a Self-paced job search

Next Gen wants to job search on their time, through their channels.  If you only post jobs to a specific job board and the workforce you seek doesn’t hang out or job search on that job board, how great is that strategy? Next Gen uses their own devices  – where they want, when they want.  If you job postings or employment engagement are not mobile ready, how sympathetic do you think Next Gen will be? Not very… They want to use their skill set and they want to be the decision maker in their own job search. They are the most progressive job seeking generation yet. How progressive is your hiring process?

Better Outcomes from an Updated Process

Technology is meant to help you keep up, not slow you down. This is called progress – and you can track progress by recognizing when staff confidence increases because you care about progress – interesting how that works. You can have influence which matters in your industry and among the job seekers of next gen, in addition to your current employees. Developing relationships that matter with clients, customers, partners, employees, and job seekers means a better perception – and perception is reality.  When you improve communications from the get-go – during the hiring process – you have set expectations which lead to employee retention and company loyalty – a progressive company culture which cares about the work-life balance of its employees.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I have an idea – why not check out what the job seeking public sees, hears, or finds out about you and your company – which leads to their perception.

Do this:
1. Do a search on your mobile to apply for a job at your own company. Start out as if you know nothing about your company except company name.
2. Check out the HR or Recruiting Technology you are currently using from your mobile. How does your career page or ATS respond in the mobile interface?
3. Navigate through your website from a mobile device.
4. Send an email from your corporate account to your personal account. How does your company email with corporate signature render?
5. Call your company – how easy is it to get through to a department or specific colleague, if you don’t know their extension or direct dial?

Upon review of all of the above, ask yourself honestly, what message is your company sending?  Do you really care about attracting the Next Gen workforce?

“The more seriously you take your growth, the more seriously people will take you.” – John Maxwell

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