A Million Jobs – Is it Possible?

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You could say I’m excited

Very little makes me happy today in the world of recruitment. I tire of the endless stories of employment experiences of friends who have been laid off while other lying and impotent employees at their places of business have been promoted to their level of incompetence or the continuing bad candidate experience – jobseekers who are not called back or treated poorly throughout the process. It is discouraging to read of 18,000 employees being laid off from one of the largest and most successful tech companies of our time. I loathe the mouthy responses of individuals in any given industry who really have no idea how to do something new or innovative. I ache with a crazy desire to scream “STFU!” from a rooftop when I hear of a repetitive capability lie.

How to cope with the disappointments… How, indeed. But — a light…

A Light on the Horizon

But…, BUT…, last week, I learned of #Million4Christmas — have you?

Wow, you should — if the things I mentioned above upset you, like they do me — you need to know – you need to hear or read of a joyous campaign that just might make you smile and proud of our industry – the JOBS industry.  Whether you recruit, hire, train, manage, or lead — you are part of the jobs industry… HR, recruiting, hiring, management, training, leadership dev, comp management, performance management, or career/succession planning… you will want to hear about this campaign.

Get a million people jobs by Christmas.

That’s it… not too hard, right? After all, that’s only a little over 10% of the unemployed right now. The latest jobs report released on July 3 puts the unemployed at 9.2+ million individuals of working age.

Apploi, a mobile job search app destined for greatness, has set out on a journey – their journey’s hashtag? #Million4Christmas – their journey’s mission — you know it, already… Get a million people a job by Christmas. You can follow their journey here.

Do you want to be a part of it? Do you care? Are you like me – sickened that your Master’s prepared daughter cannot find work and when she does get a final round interview where she is flown across the country, she never gets a call stating yay or nay — how does this STILL happen? Personally, as a former recruiter who made those very difficult calls, I find this – wellin short – I find it disgusting. The BAD candidate experience is, sadly, alive and well.

Apploi wants to change that. Apploi is a new tech – a new application process which more closely aligns the job seeker with the jobs. Apploi develops mobile-first, which means you should test them out on mobile, not desktop.  This is a product for today’s job seeker and today’s company.  And guess what? They are getting noticed, a recent report released by the White House has called them an American Innovator

“We are honored to be part of this important report, and proud of how this will help our community members, and companies,” said Adam Lewis, CEO of Apploi. “A better-skilled and more informed workforce is good news for everyone.

The right side of innovation – making a difference.  Apploi is poised to do that – their technology blends the desires of jobseekers and hiring companies.  They are expanding access to jobs — helping those who are willing to learn that the world of employment is changing, technology and communication are changing, so maybe our hiring practices need to change, as well.

Apploi’s unique jobs and hiring ecosystem is expanding access to jobs across the country and world. Jobseekers can find and apply to jobs from personal computers, smartphones, and iPad kiosks installed in at companies, and at community centers, libraries, and malls throughout the world. With audio and video questions, and a portfolio section, jobseekers can showcase their personalities and soft skills, and employers can make better hiring decisions.


And then, imagine how wonderful it would be for ONE MILLION people to have gainful employment, by this Christmas — check it out.  More news will follow,  I am sure.  People care. I care. A difference is being made….


by Rayanne Thorn

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  1. Seems like a noble effort, though not cool to tie a recruitment effort with a Christian celebration. #Million4Holidays would have been the better choice.


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