“Kiss Me I’m Irish” Carnival of HR

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Welcome to the Carnival of HR hosted by Blogging4Jobs.  It’s only appropriate that the Carnival is hosted by me on on of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day. I am happy to celebrate any holiday that celebrates green beer, food, and green beer.  This Carnival’s theme is “Kiss Me I’m Irish” which in my opinion is appropriate considering that Human Resource professionals deal with their share uncomfortable subjects and investigations involving sexting, B.O., and sexual harassment in the workplace.  As HR leaders whether we are consultants (like me) or represent a single company as a member of the HR department, our profession strives to keep our companies and leaders out of trouble.

So grab your green beer, corn beef and cabbage, breath mints, and four leaf clover.

Let the festivities begin


  • Susan Heathfield answers a reader’s question on performance appraisals and ranking system with  Rate Me-Rank Me-Lose Me.
  • Mark Bennett writes about television, Tivo, business, and HR’s role in Lofty Goals with TalentedApps.  They have a wealth of knowledge from their expert contributors.


  • Drew Tarvin takes us back and reminds us about life, challenges, and happiness before the digital age of Blackberries and iPhones in Fire and Stars.  Frankly, I don’t think much about anything B.I. meaning life before iPhone.
  • Employment branding is a social strategy where companies educate and build relationships with prospective and current employees.  Laurie Ruettimann goes Punk Rock with Employer Branding.
  • The art of storytelling is a very social and useful tool not only in the HR profession but also in life.  Mark Stelzner provides us insight using his storytelling skills while providing us a nice dose of reality with Change Hurts.  Resistance Hurts More.

Leadership Lessons

  • Mervyn Dinnen has stolen the hearts of HR Women all across the US.  As someone who met Mervyn at TruLondon, I can tell you that he lived up to my expectations.  His submission, Good Leadership Starts Before Your People Do.
  • Shauna Moerke, know as the HR Minion provides some HR Pub Talk conversation about age, your job search, and leadership.  Sometimes the best lessons are the ones we learn from leadership and their own failures within our organization.  Check out You Should Be Greatful.
  • Lexi Ruben provides us Olympic metaphor in What HR Can Learn from the Olympics.  This solid piece provides great insight into how engaging leadership and HR can make a difference in our companies and workplace.

More. . .

  • Happiness. Does happiness exist?  Companies like Zappos make us believe that employees can love and be passionate about  their work.  Mike Haberman talks about happiness and exempt vs. non-exempt with Happiness at Work:  Hourly vs. Salaried.
  • Words. Jennifer V. Miller reminds our all that part of being an effective mentor is through mentoring with words, active listening skills, and engagement in her post, Mentors:  Your Words Matter.

I want to personally thank our contributors and readers for taking time out to join in the carnival today.  The carnival’s next stop is HR University where Joan Ginsberg is sure to serve up a heaping helping of hospitality on March 24th. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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  1. @HR_Minion, thanks my friend but this wouldn’t be possible without you. Talk to you next week!

    @Marsha No problem. I’m happy to host the carnival. I learn so much for each and every post. Love the name, Mint Resumes!

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