#JobOne, a Look FORWARD at Jobs and the Future of Work

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Job One

Have you heard of it? This is a new initiative released last week by the Clinton Foundation, a global jobs initiative to help get young people working. This a good thing, right? We want to instill a good work ethic in the youth of today – we want them to want to work, to contribute.

According to the website and recent posts offered up by the Clinton Foundation, “Nearly six million young Americans are out of school and out of work. The implications of youth disconnection from the economy are tremendous…”

Here’s the thing, I LOVE this initiative — I love that it is looking forward at what we can do to solve the downward spiral that our youth are currently caught in. I love that it’s not look back and that the blame game isn’t being played. Instead of pointing fingers, Former Secretary Clinton is pointing in a new direction – a direction of change. Some may say this is a political move, if so? More power to the Clinton Foundation, because it’s the right (as in correct) political move.

Job One seeks to close a critical gap in our country’s education and economic systems through business-designed and implemented training, hiring, and mentoring pathways for youth.  

Here’s the interesting thing, Job One actually instigates and demands commitment from large organizations – which are then called “commitment makers”.  These businesses and organizations have committed to measure their efforts which include the business critical business practices of hiring and succession training.

Then there’s this…

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about hiring, about work, about work ethics, about business today, about jobs and job search. I have been writing for job seekers and recruiters since 2007, it has been my life’s and work’s greatest endeavor. I want a good work life for not only me, but for my children and everyone I care about, everyone I know and even those I don’t know.  Job One addresses the work needs of 16 – 26 year olds — my own four children are aged 17 – 27 years old – so, this hits very close to home…, and work.


Just two short months ago, I wrote about Apploi’s #Million4Christmas campaign – this campaign piqued my interest and I was soon following every move of Apploi, having no clue that I would soon be heading up marketing at this innovative and award-winning start-up. Shortly after I joined Apploi, we launched #JobConnect – our own national initiative to connect people with jobs and jobs with people – we are committed, like the Clinton Foundation and the commitment makers of Job One, to making a difference to the job seekers across this country. We want to help, we want to advise, and we want to change how America thinks about work.

Becoming gainfully employed and passionate about one’s work is not only possible, it should be an expectation, a right for anyone who really wants to work, who really wants to contribute to society or their community, anyone who wants to support themselves or their family.

Apploi is in complete support of Job One and we look forward to the necessary difference needed for job seekers today.

And personally? I remain committed to helping job seekers and supporting those around me who do the same.
Maybe it’s just what is needed right now…

by Rayanne Thorn

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