“Employment Experience” – The Truth Behind the “Branding”

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What is the Truth?

I have received very little push back regarding  my claims in “The Artful Dodge: What HR thinks About HR is not what Everyone Else Thinks About HR” – while I have been garnering a great deal of messages and comments from across several mediums that support my theory that HR is broken nearly all the way around.  I already have some great stories to tell, but I need more.

I want to show those who think we are all right that we are NOT all right.  Human Resources and Talent Management are supposed to assist the employees (ranging from high-ranking exec to newest and most subordinate player) in their “experience at work”, making it better.  HR should, most definitely, “answer to the man” if the man is representative of EVERY single employee on the payroll.  HR and TM have fought to get a seat at the table – is that so they have easier access to shine the shoes of the powers that be?

A seat at the table means a voice can be heard, if the shoe-shine rag is dropped.  I am tired – so tired of the lame excuses that are given for why bad employment experiences exist.  If employees were taken care of, basic needs met, lawsuits would drop, unions would be non-existent, and employment brand would be a redundant and unnecessary phrase, seen for the marketing ploy that it is.

Do the Employee and Jobseeker Have a Voice?

Perhaps HR should note that employees and jobseekers are stepping up and taking control of their own destinies.  They are controlling their job search, they are becoming their own voice.  Where does that leave HR?  Important to note the impact that social media has had on employment branding and job search.  The cat will not stay in the bag for very long – it doesn’t matter how great your YouTube channel or Instagram feed is, if your experience is crap, the social world will smell it soon enough.

Does working for you look like a party?

Balance is necessary.  Some companies fail and tip to the other side too far and lose sight of their company, product, and service brand as they build their employment brand and culture.  No one said this would be easy, but that is why it’s called work.

Help me out

I want to tell the stories. Your stories.  Through these stories – your stories – maybe we can shine a light on issues that can be fixed, that need to be fixed. I want to write good stories too – so maybe in sharing good stories, we will see where other companies fail.

Employee Experience is every bit as valuable as Candidate Experience

How have we forgotten this?

Employment Branding is often just a pretty (albeit dirty) bandage, what is it REALLY like to work for a company?  That is TRUE employment experience. After all, branding is the hook, but what’s the reason to stay?  Perhaps “branding” is the wrong word.  Maybe the buzz was more hype than high, more high than truth.  Haven’t we learned from countless examples through history that the truth always comes out?  Perhaps we should start with the truth.

What a concept.


by Rayanne Thorn






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