Be Disruptive Today. Be Human.

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The world is not the same as it was in the past

How often do we hear this?  But, yet it is true and in many and varied ways.  The most obvious way to view this change from a  business perspective is to see the rise of the living organization.  Today, we often talk about a company in the same terms used to describe a human being – we speak of its DNA, its character, and of course, when identifying what makes it unique and different from all other organizations, we share its valuesits core.

We use various words to describe companies today: healthy, ailing, growing, declining – in an effort to humanize a brand or give character to a company. The relationships between organizations and employees has changed – but I wonder if it is for the better? With all the branding and implementation of technology, as well as expansion of reach, have we moved away from the one-on-one work relationships which created loyalty and longevity?  We rely on tech to do the the jobs several humans used to do – instead of merely a supplement to the human mind and workload, tech is used as an excuse for bad behavior and failed communication.

A Grim Prospectus

A friend in the recruiting space recently wrote to me of his multiple failed attempts to maneuver through the job search process with ease… given that he worked in the space, he thought his search would be easier than others who had complained or given up.  It is proving to be a worthy task.  He asked, “should I write about it?”  My answer was, of course, yes – though an awakening may not be in the future, perhaps others will be encouraged by words of “you are not alone…”

Talk is just Talk

It’s dreadful to think that all the future movement, all the content creation, all the time put into removing the stigma of the job search process and employee experience – all this work has failed to yield the revolution so many of us expected.  We who shout it from the rooftops often scream in vain or our voices are lost in the wind tunnel of fake employment branding.  For all the talk of authenticity and transparency in business conduct, the lack of success proves that talk is just talk – action and change are needed.

Disrupt HR

Wouldn’t it be revolutionary to really do something disruptive? To drive change by the action of humans?  To use technology in the best way possible in creating incredible and true employee experiences and attract and retain the right talent to your organization? Are we the Lost Generation?  I ache to think that all we have accomplished has been for naught… The talk, the content, the “change” – is it just bullshit?  Or is there a possibility that the true work has been missed, that in all the implementation of the supplements, a human is still required to create and respond to “experience”?

Are we losing the battle?

How disruptive would it be to actually answer the phone?  To speak the truth into the receiver? To pick up the phone and make a dreaded but necessary call? To write a handwritten letter to grandma?  We get lost in the push and shove of the the days and weeks.  We, the humans – not the resources or the capital – but we, the humans are being failed.  We are losing the battle.

Be a Disruptor

Make noise – tell your stories.  The wind tunnel is real and it sucks the life and blood out of each of us who yearn for truth in advertising and change that truly makes change.  There are those who will share and there are those who will amplify the share.  I am cursed by both needs – I must tell and I must share.  Do what you can – be a disruptor.

The lawn won’t get mowed until the engine is sparked.   Be the spark or be the engine.  Or be the lawn.  Just don’t be the sidewalk.


by Rayanne Thorn


Talent Management Series
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**Some information presented in this series comes from the book, Ups and Downs of Talent Management in Challenging Business Environments.  If you’d like a free copy of this quick read, please email me at and I will be happy to send you a copy.  Thanks!






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  1. It is amazing how many of us express these feeling and anxieties in private or even on blogs, but never ever raise them in a corporate setting, as if companies were made up of some species other than “people”.

  2. Hi Josh–
    I’m shouting it from the streets and I am not going to shut up until I see a difference…
    I will most likely lose my voice!
    Thanks for commenting…

  3. Great Article!

    From reading this, I would like to add & this is entirely my ‘angle’:

    I would like to think that we are not “losing” the battle, but waiting for something to happen.

    We see it in “Movies” & “TV” shows alike…

    1. In movies: “People” never come together unless the entire “Human Race” is at risk.

    2. A busy intersection in a growing city will never put in a stop light until, something happens, an injury or worse; someone dies.

    Our “Society” has become unsettlingly ok with “Diffusion of responsibility”
    ~~“This is a “Sociopsychological Phenomenon” whereby a person is less likely to take responsibility for action or inaction when others are present.”

    Meaning were ok with ignoring others or helping where we see fit because we think “Someone else will take care of ‘it’”

    I just wish “People” didn’t have to learn the hard way.

    I believe we “All” have the capability to do “Good”& that “People” are just waiting for the right moment to make a stand.

    Our Society has just suppressed our thoughts from rebelling, From the Government to Mafia: Corruption is everywhere and society has “Programmed” our thoughts to just look the other way & think “Glad that doesn’t affect me” when in fact it will only be a matter of time before you will have to make a decision.

    But how can we “The Human Race” stand by and watch…
    As humans were not stupid, just accustomed to look the other way, if it doesn’t directly affect our “Comfortably Numb Way of life”

    …PEOPLE! Come on, we need to make a change, without fearing the unknown; losing your job; car; etc.

    Now I’m not telling anyone to go nuts… just “help” where you can
    And Remember life will go on, it is up to us “ALL” to change the world for our children!


  4. Thanks Jay–
    You are so right — Diffusion of Responsibility is rampant and as insidious as disease.
    But there are individual responsibilities that we must not forget, as well.
    Too many believe it is the duty of society to take care of them, instead of the other way around, It is the duty of the individual to take care of society.
    A pretty great man once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
    Is anyone asking? Or are we all just answering with, “me first” or “fix me”

    We are responsible for my brother, but is he not also responsible for me? The Golden Rule is fading into dust because no one thinks anything is their own responsibility, not even personal care. We have peaked this mountain, it is time to sink back into the valley and begin a new climb…



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