How to Design a Creative Infographic Resume

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Over the last few years, many tech companies have popped up to help the average, everyday person get a nice-looking online presence. I’ve watched this evolve from a simple online résumé,, to a simple landing page, There has been a lot of buzz about creating personalized infographics resumes with many aggregated LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Many of these sites are stunning to look at and very simple to use. However, when applying these tools to a job search, I’m not convinced they are really that useful. Simple landing pages look great, but don’t provide a lot of substance. The infographics take a few minutes to review, and are quite static. Would a busy recruiter spend the time on an infographic that may or may not give them the info they want?

Creative Resume Ideas.  Meet Vizify.

That’s why I think Vizify’s interactive platform will be different. Vizify, a Portland-based startup, launched their much anticipated platform last week. Even Sam Adams, Portland’s mayor, has his Vizify account set up.

Todd Silverstein, Vizify’s founder, told me that he interviewed over 200 hiring managers and recruiters when designing their interface. The kind of information managers need, and the way they look for it, is a huge part of why your Vizify profile looks the way it looks. In the end, a recruiting manager who uses Vizify to learn about a candidate will learn more about that person faster than on any other online platform I’ve seen.

Vizify managers realized through their conversations with hiring managers, that they care just as much about cultural fit as they do about a skills match. And LinkedIn profiles just weren’t answering the question of who the candidate is. When recruiters or managers google [KA1] candidates, it’s not to dig up the dirt. It’s to find out who that person is. The Vizify platform allows job seekers to storyboard who they are, while quickly communicating to their target company the information they need.

What to Include on Your (Social Media) Resume

There are four main areas that recruiters or hiring managers care most about when they decide whether to pursue you as a candidate:

  • where you work(ed)
  • where you went to school
  • what you talk about, what your values are
  • where you live

These data points are the largest areas in the Vizify platform, and the online visitor can quickly figure out the answers to these questions. I would even say that in some cases, a recruiter will find this information faster on Vizify than on a résumé. I wouldn’t claim this about any other online profile.

Just take a look at my Vizify Profile. You have two seconds to figure out how many years of experience I have and five seconds to see which degrees I’ve earned.  Pretty impressive huh! Try doing that with a paper résumé!

Not Just a Social Media Profile Aggregator

Though this is a great tool, what will make Vizify successful, versus just another online profile aggregator, will be how open recruiters and hiring managers are to accepting Vizify in lieu of a résumé.  According to Todd Silverstein, success stories are already piling in.

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  1. Finally – – a visually attractive resume that’s based on information. I could get a “sense” of who he was in about 30 seconds.

    I agree, Jessica. This format could be a game-changer in the maze of electronic submissions.

  2. I own a printing company in NY and this would be amazingly cool to share with my co-workers. I look forward to seeing their response

    Jenny Verinz

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