The Candidate Experience: Perception is Reality

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It’s All About Perception

Do you remember the last time you looked for work or applied for a job? What was that like for you? Peaches and Cream?
When was the last time you walked through your company’s online application or hiring process?  Do you have a mobile or social strategy in place? Do you care about attracting the type of job seeker who knows how to use the internet whether on a mobile device or using a desktop computer or laptop? Are you at all concerned with your employment brand? Are people saying good, positive things about your organization online? On Yelp? On FB or Twitter? LinkedIn or Instagram?


Have you invested time and resources to really wrap your head and few bucks around improving the application process for potential employees?  For job candidates at your organization?
With all the talk about The Candidate Experience over the last several years, one would think that it would begin to improve.  Not.  Sadly, I think it is deteriorating even further because companies do not know how to get a handle on all the technology that is out there and available.

Mobile Search and Apply

I just tried to search and apply for a job on my mobile device with a major soft drink company.  Twenty different screens and multiple attempts later, I gave up after 5 minutes.  This is what job seekers will do.  They will give up, walk away, and find a better process in which to participate.   Why? Because they can and the perception is there that if you aren’t willing to improve the process for me during a time when you should be courting me as a job seeker, why would you treat me well as an employee?  One leads to the other and if hiring companies don’t see this, they need to remove the blinders they have so strategically placed.

Job Seekers Take to Social

Do a quick online search about job seeker experiences and it is quickly ascertained that bad candidate experiences are like bad root canals.  People talk about them.  They complain about them and more so? They never forget them. And how do people talk today?  They Facebook, they Instagram, they Vine, they tweet.  They even Yelp and Foursquare bad experiences. Social has provided an outlet to share the bad experiences.  Misery loves company.  

Perception is Reality

If the Candidate Experience which your company provides to the job seeker fails – this is a harsh reality and no one wins.  No one. Review your process, break it down.  Call into your department, ask anonymously about one of your job openings.  Do a search for a current opening using mobile – how was that?  Do another on a desktop – how was that?  Walk around your company, check out the culture – how was that?  Sit down with your hiring managers and review the processes currently in place – are they in need of an update? revival?  a slow death?
A thorough departmental and process review is good for the soul. But only if you really hear the outcomes and do the pragmatic but painful thing: Change.

It’ll do you good.

Check out our candidate experience webinar on demand by clicking here. Worth 1.0 Strategic HRCI credits. 

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