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A Dog’s Life

In the fields adjacent to the fire road above the canyon by my house, goats are allowed to graze – removing brush which is a fire hazard. The goats are moved daily to cover as much property as possible. The are docile, nibbling and walking, nibbling and napping, nibbling and staring. When I walk my dog past them, he often stops to look at the goats and cries until they look at him – he wants so desperately to be a part of their group, to be accepted as one of the 100+ goats who graze.

Spikey, my dog, would not be happy for very long were he allowed inside the electrified fence.  The conditions are rough compared to what he is used to, the food – weeds and such – are not not to his liking. Another dog is the boss, pushing and directing the goats when they are moved and Spike is pretty much a baby. But the grass definitely looks greener to Spike – he wants to be on the other side of the fence.

Spike is good at being my dog, he does a good job at comforting me, hanging out at my feet during a day filled with stress, and reminding me of the importance of exercise when he needs to be walked. He would not be good as a goat.

Recognizing Strengths

I am good at some things. Some things I am not so good at. I am not so great at construction projects which include hammering nails into wood. I pretty much suck at it. It looks like fun, I have always loved the barn building scenes in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Witness.  I just don’t think this is a job for me, just like grazing isn’t a job for my Spikey.

Finding the right job, the right profession – one you will enjoy doing for a while – is rarely an easy task, but when you do – when you figure it out, your work life changes.

Your life’s work changes and the investment is reciprocal – you enjoy your work, you do it better, bringing better results for you and for your company or organization.

Finding work you love and are passionate about is worth the effort. Helping employees settle into work they love and are passionate about it worth the effort. Sometimes, there is sorrow or pain, joy and love in the search.  The contrast is what makes life so rich and so worth the work. Thriving at work takes work – it doesn’t “just” happen.  It isn’t “just” bestowed upon the lucky ones. It’s just as easy to be unhappy and miserable while being rich as it is while being poor.  A good work life is where value is captured and nurtured.

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” – Joseph Campbell

by Rayanne Thorn

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