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Every so often Blogging4Jobs picks an important topic in the industry and dedicates an entire week on the blog to that topic. This month we’ve picked the topic, Recruiting Trends. This week we’ll have some of our regular contributors, some of our friends, and some industry leaders write about this topic.

The reason we picked recruiting trends is simple. With the new year upon us we wanted to give HR practitioners a chance to spend one week and learn as much as they possible can about new recruiting trends in the industry. In order to be as successful as possible it’s important that we stay on top of trends and use the knowledge we’ve gained over time to better our hiring proceedures and our HR departments as a whole.

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What’s the #1 Recruiting Trend for 2014?

Before we hear from all of our contributors this week we want to know what you think — what do you see as the #1 recruiting trend in 2014? Most people say it’s mobile, some say it’s enhanced talent management, and others go out on a limb and say college recruiting will get a boost in the next year. What do you think? We’d love to hear!

With all that being said…welcome to Recruiting Trends Week!

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