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I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. When I graduated college in 2010 the economy was in the toliet and it was near impossible for me to find a job. I was either overqualified, underqualified, or going aganist 200 people who were fighting for what was going to end up being a dead in job. I had the worst experiences with potential employers who took my resume and for all I knew shredded it when they got it. There was no communication, no phone call, nothing.

Two and a half months into the job search process after not hearing anything back from dozens of employers I finally had a break in my overall job search. It started with an interview at a job at CarMax Superstores. I met with the current manager of the Business Office and we really hit it off in the start. We talked about my experiences, my goals, and where I saw myself in five years. A week later she called me back in for a obligatory final interview even though she told me it was more like a formality.

Fast-forward a month later she told me that she knew from the get-go that I would not stay with the company long-term. She told me I was overly ambitious and that this job was a stepping stone to find something better. Despite her reservations she created an experience that will make me a customer of CarMax for life. Recruiters and those who are in charge of the hiring should always create an experience for candidates that’s fun and inviting instead of cold and un-welcoming. You can do this simply by treating people like people.

Changing Your perception on the candidate experience

This week it’s our mission to change your perception of the candidate experience. Each day we’ll offer original content centered around the candidate experience in hopes that recruiters and HR professionals will start thinking about how they treat candidates and how it can affect the company’s bottom line. 78% of candidates will talk about a bad experience during the process of applying a job so it’s important for recruiters to take their experience seriously.

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