Understanding Internships Toolkit: Tap into Budding Talent


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Using Interns to augment your recruiting team adds more than a coffee runner.  Interns bring energy, new ideas and fresh energy.  And, as a leader, you have an opportunity to positively impact another person’s life while building your own leadership skills.  But, finding and recruiting interns is a unique process all its own, and just because you build a program doesn’t mean “they will come.”  This isn’t Field of Dreams after all – so we have compiled the best information on building and improving your internship program to help you develop a robust team.   Whether you want to understand the benefits and risks when working with Paid or Unpaid Interns or make sure you are legit when it comes to compensation (with your interns and employees) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Paid vs Unpaid Internships: Why Top Companies are Happy to Pay

The conversation about paid vs unpaid internships is brought up constantly.  Two of the most thoughtful posts on this subject were written by Ross Herosian at SiriusXM and Dave Olson at Hootsuite.  Both Ross and Dave run fantastic internship programs, both are customers of ours at InternMatch, however, both support quality unpaid internships…..read more.

Is Your Corporate Intern Program ‘Google-Friendly?’

While, it’s a well-known fact that most employers Google search applicants before making an offer (in fact over 75% do), what is less known is that almost every student Google searches YOU before applying! And what a student finds can make or break their decision to apply. Called employer brand, many companies are building an online presence using social media profiles, blogs, and in other communities to make the job seeker Google search before they apply, interview, or begin their job easier…..read more.

4 Ways Career Services Can Prep New Students & Grads

Colleges and universities are working hard to find new ways to engage, embrace, and educate students on the how-to’s surrounding finding a job. I was humbled to be asked to attend Oklahoma’s Association for Career and Employment Services (called OKACE) as a speaker. It’s no secret that the job search is tough these days and super competitive. A career service department is working hard to do just that…..read more.

6 Steps to Having an Unpaid Intern

Interns, also known as Co-op students, have long been used by companies as a method of getting some inexpensive labor while providing a student with valuable work experience. In a tight candidate labor market it is an efficient way for a company to “test out” a prospective recruit and to pre-recruit them. In a tight job market, such as we have today, it is often suggested that the way you may be able to get a job is to offer your services to a company as an intern in order to let a company see the quality of your work…..read more.

Intern Benefits that are Better than Money

Everyone remembers the scene in Jerry Maguire when Ron gets Jerry to yell Show Me the Money at the top of his lungs. Certainly no one is opposed to getting paid and an hourly wage is an important part of any intern compensation, but it is worth noting that there are other forms of benefits that you can offer that are far more valuable than money in most interns’ eyes…..read more.

How to Create an Internship Program

Controversy surrounding the ethical standards of internships and their legality is extremely prevalent. An unethical internship program holds severe consequences for both the individuals taking part in the program and the reputation of your organization as a whole…..read more.

3 Myths Regarding Holiday Pay

We are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving and holiday vacation and time off is on your employee’s mind. Here are three common myths that plague managers and employees when it comes to time off requests, FLSA and holiday time off pay for the exempt and non-exempt level employee…..read more.

Best Practices

What are your company’s best practices when it comes to hiring and managing interns? 

Blogging4Jobs and InternMatch are excited to team up and sponsor the first ever State of the Internship Survey! Whether an employer with a corporate intern program or a student intern, we want you! It only takes two minutes, why not? Take the State of Internship Survey right now!

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