Top Ten Things to Do in Vegas #HRTechConf

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Sure you may have a few sessions to attend here and there and an expo hall to raid for conference swag, but what about after all of the conference mess? You’ll want to check out our party guide and then do some exploring. Here’s ten things that’ll make your Vegas experience a little more enjoyable:

M&M factory: This isn’t just for kids (although there will be a lot of kids here depending on when you go)! I went to the M&M factory last time I went to Vegas and it was pretty amazing.

Cirque De Soleil: This gets it’s own bullet point because it was probably my favorite show that I went to when I was in Las Vegas last time. Also, the Michael Jackson show will be playing! Book your tickets!

Gamble! Well duh! The secret is to play video poker at the bar and drink all the high quality vodkas—at least that is where you’ll find me!

See the sights on the strip: If it’s your first time in Vegas take an hour out of your day to see everything for a brief $5 hop on and off all day tour via the big double decker bus.

Eat: There are hundreds of good restaurants in the Las Vegas area – soak it up and eat everything you can at one of the fine restaurants. Make sure to check out our Top 10 list and find out the top places to go!

See the fountain! If you haven’t seen the fountain at the Bellagio, stand outside and watch it go up for a quick, spectacular view! Don’t miss it.

Gamble: Did we say that twice? Maybe I’m addicted, but if you need a gambling partner, hit me up! Craps, Blackjack, slots, I’ll be around it all!

Gondola Rides at the Venetian: Take a tour in an Italy-inspired gondola ride!

X Scream at the Stratosphere: If you’re up for a fun ride, visit the X Scream. It’s something that you have to visit if you’re an enthusiast of roller coaster rides.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving: I haven’t done this, but I think I will try it. It’s on ‘The Strip’ and sounds  like an adventure.

What are your favorite things to do while in Vegas? 

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