Top Five Workplace Blogs of the Week

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Each week on Friday Blogging4Jobs highlights the Top 5 must read workplace blogs of the week.

Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week

January 6, 2012 – January 11, 2013

What To Do After a Bad Interview – Ask HR Bartender

We picked this blog because it shows great isnights on what job seekers should do after they’ve realized they had a bad job interview.

fast answer Friday – 7 short answer to 7 short questions

Each day the Ask a Manager blog answers your questions about anything from job interviews to workplace etiquette. A great resource for those who want a short answer to a short question.

3 Essential FMLA Tools for your HR-compliance Arsenal

Looking for more tips to become HR-compliant? Check out these three FMLA tools HR professionals from The Employer Handbook.

Women in Leadership: Making Room at the Top

The road for women in leadership positions has been a tough one. With the gender gap closing, but slowly, women are making their move into higher executive roles. This blog showcases good tips for women’s wanting to make it in the leadership role.

The Green Eyed Monster of Compensation Pay

An age old theme in human resources management is the quandary over disclosure of compensation information to all employees and candidates. Learn some dos and donts wihe contemplating compensaion in the workplace.

Is there a blog or article that you loved this week and want to give it a shout out?  Leave a comment below and it just might make the Top 5 for next week.  


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  1. Forbes is a great source of informative posts about career development. I’m a fresh business graduate & looking for a job. I really enjoyed reading the first post you mentioned in your list.


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