Top Five Workplace Blogs of the Week

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We’re back! This week was a doozy! Facebook announces one of the biggest swings against search giant Google? The Social Search!?! Wow. Just wow. Facebook’s introduction of the Social Search puts it in the running to become one of the best integrated search functions all from the comfort of your hompage. Haven’t gotten the Social Search yet? To bad. It’ll be coming to you in the coming weeks. We just got it last night! It’s pretty cool. Anyway…enough of that! These are our favorites of the week! If we missed one, you know the drill…post them in the comments section! Hope you enjoy!

Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week

January 20, 2012 – January 25, 2013

Personal Branding in the Future Workplace: A Crucial Skill for Employees and Recruiters Alike

Okay, so we kinda cheated on this article. It wasn’t posted in the last week, really not even the last month, but when we came across it, we decided it was a must read for everyone. This article highlights the importance of not only branding yourself, but how branding affects the recruiter as well. Deep stuff in this article. Props to Jeanne Meister for this great piece.

What Human Resources can Learn from the Brutal NHL Lockout

Any fan of the NHL knows that hockey is back! What’s even better? Relating your job to the actual lockout. Go Senators! (shameless fan rooting!)

The Danger of Using 1099 Independent Contractors to Avoid Obamacare

If you’re in Human Resources and you aren’t a little frantic about Obamacare (or for those trying to be proper Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) you must be cray! Employers are either looking for ways to avoid the dreaded PPACA or they are reading, watching webinars (Check out our latest Webinar over the Affordable Healthcare Act through our FREE On-Demand Webinars — shameless plug #2), or talking to lawyers. This article highlights the importance of what may happen if you try and cheat the IRS. They’re cracking down!

This Is Confidential, Right?

I haven’t personally worked in a HR role, but I have worked with several recruiters and professionals in the space and I think this topic comes up time and time again. What can I share? What can’t I share? If you work in HR do you just shut up about everything? Where do we draw the line? This blog helps put some type of perspective on the topic!

How To: Fire An Employee

I’ve never had to fire an employee, but I have been privy to information as to when someone is going to be fired, reasonings behind it, and the events the led up to the decision. I picked this blog because I recently had a conversation with a former employee who was debating if she should “cancel” an employee. I loved how she said “cancel” and thus, I feature a great blog on How-to Fire an Employee.

Those were some pretty rad posts about HR! What did we miss? Share your insights into the top 5 blogs you’ve read this week! We know you’ve read some that just blew your mind, blow ours too! Post them in our comments section below!

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