Top Five Workplace Blogs of the Week

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With hundreds of blogs related to the Human Resources and Workplace industry it’s just not possible for you to read them all, so we’ve done that for you! Through our own personal research to blogs that have been recommended to us, we’ve compiled the top 5! We aren’t going to find them all and we will probably miss a ton of great articles that have been posted this past week, so help us out! After you take a look at our list, suggest a few, heck suggest 5 more top blogs to read.

Here are a few suggestions that caught our eye and we read TONS of blogs each week. Seriously. If you don’t read these, you’re missing out.

Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week

January 14, 2012 – January 18, 2013

What Facebook Graph Search Could Mean For Recruiting

As Facebook launches their new Social Graph Search what does this mean for the HR and Recruiters? Read this piece and find out the ends and outs on how to utilize the new feature to your advantage.

Last 5 Years: Which Technology Has Changed “How We Find a Job” the Most and Why

Technology for the Job Seeker! What a great topic. Are you currently looking for a job? Read this blog and use these tools! Great Post!

The Value of a Disruptive Employee


Have you ever had an employee that doesn’t talk like you, think like you, work like you, or even want to be like you? Just because an employee disrupts the status quo doesn’t mean you should get rid of them. Learn how to utlize a disruptive employee and use them to your advantage.

Don’t Just Bash HR — Help it Succeed


I will admit it. When I first graduated college I hated HR. I hated the run around in applying for jobs. The black hole that HR seems to be, but after getting more invovled in the day to day operations behind what HR really is and how stressful it is and how much there is to know, I’m beginning to understand. Instead of bashing HR (Which I did, a little, on blogging4jobs) let’s help it! Why not? Start by reading this post and finding out how you can help. 

I’m Not a Victim; I Just Play One at Work


I hate my job. My boss sucks. I’m not paid enough. I hate everything about my work. Sound familiar? Do you play the victim card at work? Learn more about it with this great blog by Forbes.

Woah! Now that’s some good stuff! What did we miss? Share your insights into the top 5 blogs you’ve read this week! We know you’ve read some that just blew your mind, blow ours too! Post them in our comments section below! 

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