Top 5 #Workplace & #HR Blogs of the Week

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Mondays and Fridays for me are big blog reading days when it comes to interwebs. I spend 1-2 hours on those day reading and catching up on content written and shared throughout the week. I like to start and finish the week getting insights from bloggers, journalists and just damn smart thinkers who live, work and write on the web. The Top 5 Blogs of the week were born out of this habit as my job as a blog founder and creator is not just a thinker but also a curator of content.

The sheer amount of content is the reason why I set up a sister blog meant to share and feature some of the best content on the web. It’s called HR Blogger. I use it in organizing and digesting my own content. It’s also a great place to get industry folks started on the best blogs to read on the web. Check out and the corresponding Twitter account for real time shares at @_hrblogger.

Here are five articles that have my attention.

  • The Real Reason HR is Hated. Written by the talented Dawn Burke (@dawnhrrocks), I am so loving her insights on the ongoing struggle for businesses to understand HR and what exactly we do. BTW, Fistful of Talent blog is killing it lately. I mean, their content is knocking it out of the park. Click here.
  • The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors. I’ve personally seen the value in mentors but as a self-identified control freak, it’s hard for me to share with others that I don’t have all the answers. Also finding a mentor that’s right for you is hard. Leadership Freak blog gives us some great insights on what to look for. Click here.
  • Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison Steps Down as CEO. In the technology industry this is BIG news. I’m interested to see how this will impact the future of HR Technology and the product offers as Oracle is now operating not in a co-CEO model but with two separate CEOs who are overseeing and lead different pieces of the business. Click here.
  • The Most Popular Perks of 2014. Good insights into how perks impact organizations and keep employees at your company. The companies included in this article are large tech giants like DropBox but also smaller organizations too like BTCRevolutions who has my friend, Amanda Hite (@sexythinker) at the helm. Great perks and leadership is sexy. Click here.
  • Recruit, Set, Match. This article comes from SHRM and is written by Aliah Wright (@1shrmscribe) discussing Tinder like style recruiting technologies as companies like Recruitifi and eHarmony enter the recruitment technology marketplace. Click here.

And the Blogging4Jobs Top Article of the Week

  • Workology Podcast Episode 1: Employment Branding with Jason Seiden. Just this week we launched our first podcast on Blogging4Jobs. We talk with Jason Seiden (@seiden) on the topic of brand ambassadors and employment branding. I’m so excited to be podcasting! What a lot of work and a lot of fun! The podcast is available for download and listening including iTunes. Click here.



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