Top 5 Workplace Blogs

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Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week

It sure has been a crazy week! #SHRM13 has come and gone until next year. If you didn’t go make sure to check out our various recaps that were posted to find out everything that happened!

Blogging4Jobs Top Blog of the Week:

  • Dealing with Workplace Grief & Personal Tragedy: Dan Lovejoy hit this one out of the ballpark with his blog over dealing with workplace grief. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, it’s a must read. Read more

Top Blogs of the Week:

  • Why #HRevolution is ContagiousThere’s a lot to say over the #HRevolultion in today’s workplace. Matt Stollak gives us six practical reasons why the #hrevolution is contagious. Read more
  • Say “Yes” to the Dress: Unless you Need to Say “No”: One of my favorite TV shows and Robin Schooling relates it to HR’s Dress Code policies in a very unique way. It’s worth a read! Read more
  • 5 Ways Leaders Empower The Social Enterprise: If the leader in your organization hasn’t empowered their company to use social media or they’re on social media themselves they need to get on board, yesterday. Read more
  • 3 Steps to a Better (HR) Life: I know after 3-4 days with HR professionals that one of the big attractions to attending a conference like SHRM is that they’re able to let loose and have fun! Here are a few steps to having a better (HR) life.  Read more
  • Take Criticism Seriously But Not Personally: As millenials dominate the workplace and feedback is given more frequently (because we like being told we’re awesome) it’s easy to take criticisms personally, but we should. Here’s why. Read more

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